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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Freedom is right here and right now...

Whenever there is desire, attachment, identification, expectation, craving and aversion, there will always be all sorts of impurities occupying the mind, forming a restless state of mind which makes the mind thinks or feels that ‘I am not free’. And that initiates the desire of ‘I want to be free’.

And this process of thinking ‘I am not free’ and the desire of ‘I want to be free’, or, ‘I want to be free’ because ‘I am not free’, is what makes the mind not free.

It is not because we cannot do what we want to do, or we don’t know what we should be doing.

It is not because we don’t have the physical or mental freedom to think what we want to think, or to do what we want to do, or to say what we want to say, or be at where we want to be, or to be what we want to be.

It is the ignorance, egoism, attachment, identification, desires, expectation, craving and aversion in the mind which give birth to all sorts of impurities, that is binding the mind, making the mind thinks and feels that it is not free, or ‘I am not free’.

It is nothing to do with all the names and forms of what we think or can’t think, what we do or can’t do, what we say or can’t say, where we are and are not, or what we are and are not.

If the mind is free from ignorance and all its by-products, then whatever we think or don’t think, whatever we do or don’t do, whatever we say or don’t say, wherever we are and are not, and whatever we are and are not, we are always free as we are.

Learn how to be free from the perception and identification of ‘I am not free’.

There is no ‘I’. Who is there to think and feel ‘not being free’? Who is there to think and feel ‘want to be free’? Who is there to perceive and experience ‘not being free’ and thus desires ‘to be free’?

Every thinking, or feeling, or perception, or experience, whether it is pleasant or unpleasant, it is not the truth, and it’s all impermanent.

Om shanti.

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