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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Righteousness, criticism and condemn...

Righteousness can cause a lot of damage and generates disharmony in our lives and in the society. It initiates dispute, argument, anger, hatred and unrest in a family, in relationships, in friendships and in the society, as everyone has different thinking and beliefs, and everyone has the freedom of speech and actions. For what? Just because there are ignorant and selfish people out there who didn't behave correctly and righteously, and as a good citizen and human being, we are obliged to make sure everyone behave the way that we think they should behave? Does it worth to cause damage and disharmony in our lives for other people's ignorance and ignorant behavior?

If we are truly compassionate, we do not cause further disharmony in our lives while expecting the world to be a better place, the way that we think it should be. How can we expect everyone in the world should think and behave, the same as ourselves?

Those who are truly compassionate will just perform the necessary actions without getting involve in the ignorance of other beings. As even by criticizing and condemning what and who we think are ignorant, will not remove the ignorance from anyone. Or else, Buddha could have just go around criticizing and condemning this and that being as his duty and responsibility as a good human being, and all ignorant beings would be free from ignorance, and the world would have be free from all kinds of ignorant beings with ignorant behavior.

If we think we are right and being righteous, we should criticize and condemn others for what we think is wrong and bad, but then why are we getting so upset when other people criticize and condemn us for what they think is wrong and bad, but we think is nothing wrong or bad?

Take a look into ourselves. When we get upset and angry with something that we don't like, don't want and don't agree with, it is not coming from other people ignorance or ignorant behavior, but it is because we cannot have the reality the way that we want it to be. We are getting something that we don't like and don't want. We are not getting the thing that we like and want. It's the craving and aversion in us that initiate the dissatisfaction, disappointment, frustration and anger in us. It is nothing to do with other people's ignorant thinking and behavior.

We can be peaceful as we are, and do what we can do to maintain peace and harmony in ourselves and in others, and not by generate further disharmony among us and everyone else who are free to be different.

Think about it and be happy.

When we are aware of our mind is too busy with all sorts of imprints from all the worldly inputs that the mind being exposed to, then maybe it's the time for retreating from the worldly affairs, names and forms, to take care our mind before it goes wild.

Have peace in oneself if we want peace in the world.

Om shanti.

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