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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Who is being compassionate?

"I am compassionate. I am a compassionate being. I am compassionate towards other being's suffering. I am disappointed, frustrated and angry with other people who are not compassionate towards other people's suffering."

"I am compassionate" doesn't mean anything.

Before the egoism is eliminated, there's absence of compassion. There might be sympathy and empathy, but it's not compassion.

If the ego is absent upon the annihilation of egoism, who is there to identify as a compassionate being and being compassionate, and condemn others for being compassionate-less?

Compassion is free from the influence of egoism and all the egoistic qualities and its side products of impurities.

Compassion is spontaneous and natural as part of the essence of selflessness, the nature of all and everything.

Compassion is unconditional without any discrimination.

Compassion is free from attachment and identification.

Compassion is free from intention and expectation.

Compassion is free from judgment, criticism, blame and condemn.

Compassion is free from influences of anger, frustration, hurt and disappointment.

Compassion is free from influences and discrimination of religion, politic, region, nationality, professionalism, gender, age, sexual orientation, cultural belief, ancestry background, ethnicity, behavior, physical and mental condition, personal interest and benefit, personal likes and dislikes, agreements and disagreements.

Compassion is undetermined by feelings and emotions, praise and condemn, compliment and criticism, success and failure.

Compassion is beyond separateness, qualities, names and forms, action and action-less.

Compassion is performing action (including action-less) without attachment, identification, intention, expectation, and renouncing the fruit of all actions (including action-less).

There's no "I am good. I want to be good. I want to do good. I perform good action. The result of my good action must be good."

There's no expectation "Everyone should be good, do good, perform good actions, and the result of good actions must be good."

Perform all actions, abandon the doer-ship, and allow the fruit of actions to be what it is.

Even though we might not be completely compassionate, but it doesn't matter. Just by intentionally doing some good actions to benefits other beings is already very good for humanity. We don't have to be a superhero that can clear away all the suffering in the world. Even enlightened beings also cannot remove the ignorance and suffering in other beings. We can just do our best for what we can do, to be kind to ourselves and others, without attachment and expectation.

Be happy.

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