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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Silent Retreat...

Silent retreat.

A period of renunciation.

Retreat from worldly affairs, social activities, personal duties and responsibilities, and from other beings/minds.

To perform the greatest duty and responsibility of mankind.

To focus on oneself.

To look after the well-being of oneself.

To find peace within, to make peace with oneself and others.

Some don't like it. It's normal.

Some have fear and anxiety towards the idea and practice of silence. It's normal too.

Some have high expectation from it. It's okay.

Some runaway from it. It's okay too.

Some fall in love with it. Not surprise either.

Some neither like it nor dislike it. It's just another experience.

Whatever it is, it's just the mind.

Attending one or many silent retreat(s) doesn't guarantee anything.

The mind can be even more restless and turbulent for being restrained in silent retreat.

Confronting impurities within one's mind can be quite unpleasant.

It's like try to clean up a long time blocked drainage system.

As we begin the cleaning process, more unpleasant stuffs being released and come up to the surface during the process.

Keep cleaning up the existing blockage little by little, and stop building up more blockage.

Fear not.

Be bold.

Be indifferent.

Be determined.

May all be free, be peaceful, be happy through silencing one's very own restless mind.

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