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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Quote by His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama

"The key to happiness has nothing to do with belief in God, heaven or spirituality. It has to be contentment and affection within oneself."
 - His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama

This is why many religious leaders and fundamentalists (Especially in this country) are fear of their followers to come in contact with the teachings of Buddhism or yoga (In this country, books on Buddhism teachings are not allowed to be sold to, or read by Muslims, and there's Fatwa on yoga), as it contradicts with their teachings about believe in God and go to heaven for attaining Salvation.

But now, on the Internet, everyone can easily come in contact with the teachings of yoga or Buddhism being shared freely and widely on the Internet, which is fantastic and liberating for many who have the chance to come in contact with the teachings of yoga or Buddhism.

Just a simple quote on the teachings of Buddhism can be so liberating for many people.

And it's nothing to do with whether you have a religion or not, nor what type of religion you have, nor what you eat and don't eat, nor what you practice or don't practice, nor what political party that you support, nor any qualities of names and forms that you have and don't have.

Just by being content, accept and love unconditionally towards oneself and others.

Be free from hatred.

May all beings be happy.

If anyone will be hating and angry upon seeing or hearing the teachings that support and promote love and peace in oneself and others, just because those teachings are different from or contradicting with what their mind is being "told" to believe in and what they practice, then obviously there's something "missing" in that "belief" or in what they practice, as it promotes anger and hatred or violence, making oneself so agitated, offended, humiliated, disturbed, violent, and unhappy.

Om shanti.

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