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Friday, April 11, 2014

The impermanent world and "I"

It doesn't matter whether we realize the truth or not, it makes no difference to the reality. As by realizing the truth doesn't and won't change the reality that the ego doesn't like or doesn't want into something that it likes or wants. The reality will change at its own cause.

Realization of the truth will free our mind from ignorance and be at peace, and change how the mind reacts upon the perception of names and forms, and stop generating impure thoughts, actions and speech that will hurt oneself or others, but it doesn't make other beings in the world to be free from ignorance or be at peace, or stop other beings from generating impure thoughts, actions and speech that will hurt themselves and others.

The liberated mind is free from suffering upon realization of the truth, but this realization of the truth cannot change the world to be free from the law of impermanence, or make other beings be free from suffering and the cause of suffering, ignorance and egoism. Neither by knowing the truth will make the mortal physical body to become immortal and not having to experience changes, decay, old age, sickness and decomposition, or death.

All the liberated beings in the past showed us the truth about this physical body is subject to impermanence even after the mind is liberated. But there was no identification nor attachment towards the impermanent physical body, and hence, the liberated beings were not being affected or determined by the mortal physical body that is subject to impermanence.

As realization of the truth is not about fulfilling the desire that comes from the ego to attain some "supernatural power" to be able to control or change the reality of names and forms to be the way that it likes it to be, or to be getting something that it likes and wants which will make it feels happy, meaningful, or powerful. If this is possible, all the beings in the world are already free from suffering being influenced, or controlled, or changed by all the past liberated beings with their "supernatural power".

Just by being at peace in oneself, being liberated from ignorance and egoism, is the greatest contribution to the world.

Upon realization of the truth, the mind perceives everything as it is. The perception of names and forms is not being contaminated or influenced by any impurities, egoism, ignorance or incorrect thinking and beliefs in the mind. The mind is free from being conditioned or limited by duality. Everything is just being what it is. All the names and forms are neither good nor bad, neither positive nor negative, neither happiness nor suffering.

The egoism has faded away, and thus there's no identification as an individual being who attached onto certain qualities of names and forms to be somebody who identifies itself as the doer of actions and the enjoyer of the fruit of actions. There's no "I", or "I am", or "I am this or that".

The mind is free from attachment towards the qualities of names and forms. There's no craving or clinging onto qualities that the mind used to perceive as "good", "positive", or "happiness". There's no aversion towards qualities that the mind used to perceive as "bad", "negative", or "suffering".

Everything that the mind and the body is experiencing about all the perceptions of names and forms, the states of mind, the thinking process, the physical conditions and abilities are merely impermanent transformation of birth and death, unceasingly arising and passing away.

The selfless or egoless mind stands as a witness towards all these selfless transformations of names and forms, without attachment, without association, without identification, without craving or aversion. There's no dissatisfaction, disappointment, hurts, anger, hatred, jealousy, animosity, pride, arrogance, fear and worry.

There's no judgment, comparison, or expectation towards oneself or others.

The selfless mind is being aware of the perceived reality, and allows the reality to be what it is, not necessary the reality has to be what "the egoistic mind" used to like it to be. Without interference towards the perceived reality, or try to control or change the reality that "the egoistic mind" didn't like or disagreed with into something that "the egoistic mind" liked and could agree with.

The selfless mind is aware of the different qualities of names and forms of everything and every being, and allows everything and every being to be what they are, as they are.

The selfless mind is not being affected, or disturbed, or influenced, or determined by all the qualities of names and forms that the mind perceives through the senses.

The liberated beings live in the world as they are (or not, being undetermined by names and forms), being at peace, and perform all their duties and responsibilities towards themselves and others, without attachment or identification towards the actions or the fruit of the actions.

Om shanti.

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