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Monday, April 28, 2014

Freedom of thinking, action and speech?

We want to be able to have freedom of thinking, action and speech. That's what most people fight for from ancient until now. When we want to be able to express ourselves through thinking, action and speech freely, do we also allow other people to express themselves through thinking, action and speech freely, even though we don't like and cannot agree with their thinking, action and speech? Do we easily or automatically get disturbed, angry and unhappy when we hear or see something that we cannot agree with? Do we want to be free from disturbs, anger, disappointment, dissatisfaction, restlessness and unhappiness? Do we really want to have peace? Or do we actually enjoy all these disturbs, anger, disappointment, dissatisfaction, restlessness and unhappiness, and don't really like peace (as it does "appear" to be quite boring without excitement and stimulation...)

There's nothing wrong with expressing our points of view about agreements and disagreements, about what we believe as right and wrong freely. That's the natural habit of the mind. That's what a mind does to be existing, to be acknowledged by itself and the world of its existence.

When we only allow ourselves to have freedom of thinking, action and speech, believe in what we want to believe, do what we want to do, and say what we want to say, but at the same time, we don't allow other people to have freedom of thinking, action and speech, and we want to "correct" their thinking, action and speech to be the way that we think it should be, and that is what the world is happening now - it starts with disagreements, then arguments, clashes, unrest, hatred, violence, wars, killing, torturing, and etc.

If someone needs to be "corrected", it has to come from oneself willingly to "correct" what needs to be "corrected", and it's not coming from other beings trying to "change" or "correct" another being.

When we practice yoga and meditation, we are changing the habits of the mind. We are silencing the mind. When the mind is silent, turning inward resting in the chamber of the heart, what is freedom of thinking, action and speech?

Taming and quieting the busy mind is our yoga and meditation practice. The rest are just "toys" to bring the attention of the mind into this present moment.

That's why the observance of silence is the most important practice in meditation retreat. It doesn't matter whether we are intellectual or not, it doesn't matter who we think we are, it doesn't matter how healthy, strong and flexible is our physical body and what it can do or cannot do, it doesn't matter we have been to a yoga school or not, or studied and learned under which Guru or which school, it doesn't matter how long we have been studying and practicing yoga and meditation, it doesn't matter how much we know or don't know about this and that, it doesn't matter what we believe what things are and how things should be, we all do one same practice. We silent the thought-waves, the physical body and the organ of speech (organs of expression).

When we see, or hear, or smell, or taste, or touch, or think about something that we like or dislike, agree or disagree with, we observe, be aware... Just observe and be aware, without identification, without attachment, without reacting, without judging, without anticipating, without craving, without aversion, without clinging, without rejecting... This practice might take some time to be effortless. But then our mind will taste freedom and peace. Real freedom and unconditional peace. Freedom from ignorance, egoism, attachment and impurities (in short, suffering)...

Om shanti.

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