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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Let go of I, my, mine...

Let go of all these identifications and qualities of I, my and mine,

I am good.

I perform my good actions.

I'll receive my good rewards in return.

I am a yoga teacher.

I am teaching yoga to my yoga students.

My yoga students will be benefited from my teachings.

This is my body.

My body is healthy and strong.

My body will stay healthy and strong.

This is my family.

My family is good and happy.

My family will stay good and happy.

In the kitchen,

In my garden, I collect my vegetables, and then back in my kitchen of my house, I use my hand to cut my vegetables with my knife on my chopping board, and put them into my pot, mix them with my salt and pepper, and my favorite olive oil and my homegrown organic herbs, and stir them with my spatula, and put them into my oven. I hope my guests will enjoy eating my cooking.

In truth, none of these things belong to me, they belong to their own cause and effect, belong to the elements that formed them to be what they are. They are subject to impermanence. They will change and disappear at their own cause. They are not mine, and I don't even exist.

Be free.

Om shanti.

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