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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Planning For The Future? Sure...

A student is confused when we talk about letting go of the past and the future.

She said it is understandable that the past is already gone and we should let the past go, but how could we let go of the future, not planning for the future?

This is what I said to her.

Surely, we can plan about what we want to do in the future, or else we don't have a direction to head to. And of course we need to plan for the future and have a goal to head to, or else we will be lost and don't know what is the meaning of our life existence. The difference is that we plan but without attachment, expectation, fear and worry. As well as to allow changes to happen anytime that we might need to change routes but without changing the goal and continue heading to our goal on a different route, and accepting every moment as it is from moment to moment until we reach our final goal.

Most important is, by taking care of the present moment now is actually planning for the future indeed. We don't need to think too much for the future, but by focusing onto the present moment now, making sure that at this present moment now we are fine and are at peace. Then our future will take care of itself because the future is really what we are now...

By putting lots of effort and energy into thinking about the future, worry for the future, or having great expectation for the future, but then we are neglecting the present moment now about how we are, being unhappy at the present moment now, wishing that things will change and we will be happy in the future, is of no use.

Wishing for the future to turn out the way that we like it to be, doesn't really determine the future will be exactly what we want it to be.

By taking care of the present moment now, making sure that we are happy and positive at the present moment now, will certainly give birth to a happy and positive future.

Look at us now, we can tell what was our past.

Look at us now, we can also tell what is our future going to be like.

Taking care of the present moment now is indeed looking after of the future, but without projecting into the future about how we want it to be.

Be happy.

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