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Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Wise Act Quietly And Perform Their Duties Silently

The animals move quietly and disguise themselves to avoid attracting attention from the predators...

Keeping quiet and acting silently doesn't mean being weak or being afraid of the enemy like a coward... But indeed it is being wise and brave, unaffected by any disturbance whether spiritual, emotional, mental or physical...

There is no use of alarming the enemies and provoking the enemies to aim their weapons towards us on exposed empty ground...

The wise warrior acts and moves quietly in the midst of the enemies without being recognised and remain firm and concentrated on his duty undisturbed by any distractions...

And thus, the wise warrior keeps meaningless troubles away, passes through the city of the enemy, performs his duty accordingly, and arrives soundlessly and victoriously at the destination without alarming anybody, without wasting any energy in dreadful and meaningless collisions...

Be wise...

Be happy...

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