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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Be Happy No Matter What

Money is not evil. Earning money will not make us suffer. It is the way of getting the money as well as the greed and discontentment that make us suffer.

Money doesn’t make us happy or unhappy. It is whether our minds are contented and accepting what we have and don’t have that will bring us happiness or suffering.

Healthy or not, can eat or not, can walk or not, can see or not, can hear or not, can move or not, does not determine our happiness. Some people have money and good health, but not necessary that they are happy with themselves or with their lives. Some people don’t have much money and are suffering illness, but not necessary that they are unhappy and in suffering. While some people are very rich and are happy, while some people are very poor and are not happy.

Whether we have money or don’t have money, but if we are free from fear and worry, not being controlled by the greed and desire that comes from the ego, then it doesn’t matter having a lot of money or having not enough money or have no money at all, is not a “problem” or issue that will make us happy or suffer.

If anyone wants to earn big money all the time, be happy. If anyone doesn’t like to earn too much money, be happy also.

Be happy with what we want and don’t want. Be happy with what we do and don't do.

Wisdom and true happiness is everywhere and in everything. Happiness does not lie on the object that we are dealing with, but it is determined by our own type of mentality and conception about what is good and not good.

Be happy no matter what. Life is always changing and will come to an end. So, enjoy whatever we have now whether it is abundance or insufficient.

What's the meaning of life if we are not happy?

To be happy also means to be free from unhappiness. Being a "good person" or a "bad person" cannot stop the law of impermanence nor does it gives us liberation from unhappiness. Take a look around us, there are many "good people" who don't hurt other beings are still having some unhappiness in life too. Unhappiness is derived from the impurities in our mind, not from the things out there. It is by letting go of all the impurities, being free from anger, hatred, jealousy, greed, arrogance, craving, aversion, irritation, frustration, disappointment, expectation, fear and worry, that will free us from unhappiness and being undisturbed by the ever changing phenomena of good and bad in life.

Be happy.

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