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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Private Yoga Classes in Pantai Cenang, Langkawi

We can arrange a private yoga class for you at our Yoga Now yoga studio in Kedawang, Langkawi, Malaysia.

Private yoga classes at other venues are not available.

It is open for all levels.

Advance booking is required and is subject to availability. Private yoga class is not available when we have retreats.

We can arrange a private yoga session at the timing that you prefer (only available when we don't have retreats). You can do the class by yourself or with your family and friends (maximum 6 people per private yoga session)

Private yoga individual class - Rm 300 per session

Private yoga group class - Rm 600 per session (Maximum 3 people)

Private yoga group class - Rm 800 per session (Maximum 6 people)

There is water refill for free at our studio if you are coming for class. So remember to bring an empty bottle with you to help keep Langkawi clean and be free from excessive plastic water bottles.

For more details and reservation please contact us at

Om Shanti

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Link to Yoga Now Malaysia website
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