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Friday, April 23, 2010

Karma Yoga - Selfless Service - Renounce The Fruit Of Action

The one who is sharing the knowledge and joy, wisdom and compassion with all without the differentiation of good or bad beings, superiority or inferiority, without any expectations for the results of the action, without the identification as the doer of the action of sharing and giving, and who is beyond action and inaction, beyond success and failure, beyond praise and condemn, beyond attachment and non-attachment, is merely acting as an instrument to serve the universal consciousness for it to act in the world.

This selfless being may or may not be named as a “Karma yogi”.

Attach towards “I don’t want anything” or “I don’t want to receive anything” also is an attachment.

Every action or sharing is just a flow of energy exchange, both giver and receiver are giving and receiving in a natural form without the intention or identification of giving and receiving. It is not about one is giving and the other one is receiving. It is both giving and receiving between both giver and receiver at the same time. This is pure action, selfless service, karma yoga. It is beyond “good” intention to give. It is beyond the action of “giving”. It is intention-less.

No body is “giving”. No body is “receiving”. Nothing is being “given” or “received”. But the act of giving and receiving is unceasingly happening within and without the entire universal consciousness.

Form is emptiness. Emptiness is form.

No attachment, no non-attachment.

It is beyond attachment and non-attachment.

Om Shanti.

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