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Friday, February 23, 2018


Developing awareness and correct understanding along with self-discipline and determination, one doesn't need to be continuously attending yoga classes to be looking at and following the instructions of a yoga teacher/instructor to be performing the yoga practice, but out of own freewill and intense yearning for liberation, one retreats into seclusion and solitude to perform self-practice. One takes one's natural pace to perform the practice at ease, without rushing or struggling, or straining the body and mind beyond its limitation, and allowing the fruit of the practice to be there as it is.

Many people who attend yoga classes and those who provide yoga classes or other kind of yoga services, will look at, or take consideration towards, or give importance onto these factors -
- The qualifications/certifications/experience/background of the yoga teachers
- The professionalism and the 'yogi' look/appearance/image of the yoga teachers
- The atmosphere of the yoga practice space, such like the 'spiritual/zen feel', the decorations, the colour theme, the furniture, the fittings, the lighting, the plants, the sub-yoga products of 'yoga attires', 'yoga mats', 'yoga accessories' or 'yoga health supplements', the convenient facilities and other supplementary services, and/or other yoga family members of animals and pets.
- The surrounding environment of the yoga school or yoga studio, such like the scenery and the 'quality' of the neighbourhood.
- The degree of pleasantness of the enjoyment of the senses of sights, sounds, smells, tastes, sensations and imagination/visualization/stimulation, and so on.
- The money-worth element of the fees in comparison with the services or enjoyments provided, and the rewards/benefits/effectiveness/recognition/qualification that one would be getting from attending the yoga classes/courses or performing the yoga practice.

Meanwhile, yoga and the yoga practice has nothing to do with all these names and forms. If the yoga teachers or the yoga classes providers don't get this or don't understand this, then they don't know what yoga is. In the process of the yoga practice of silencing the mind or meditation, the eyes are either closed or the mind is focusing/restraining within, and all the other senses are restrained/withdraw from the objects of the senses. What kind of scenery, or environment, or atmosphere, is irrelevant to one's practice. So as all the other factors.

Yoga of unconditional love and peace and the yoga practice of eliminating ignorance, egoism and impurities, is in the present moment regardless of the mind perception of different qualities of names and forms, environment, experience, time and space. It is not confined in a particular quality of name and form, environment, experience, time and space. If one can only find oneself, or peace, or the truth, in a particular yoga practice environment, experience, time and space, such like being in the nature of forest/mountain/seaside, and doing a particular style of yoga asana practice or physical/mental activity, then one doesn't know what yoga is even though one might feel good, peaceful and meaningful being in that particular environment, experience, time and space, and doing that particular style of yoga asana practice or physical/mental activity. The truth/yoga is always there as it is, regardless of whether one is experiencing a particular kind of yoga asana practice or physical/mental activity, or not, and being in what kind of environment, experience, time and space. Peace, compassion and the ability to forgive and let go what that the mind perceives as 'wrong', 'bad', 'hurtful', 'undeserving', 'painful', or 'sorrowful', is nothing to do with the mind perception of different qualities of names and forms or experiences.

There's nothing wrong and it's very common that most people who attend yoga classes will expect the yoga teacher/instructor to be looking at them and supervising their practice, to tell them to do this and don't do that, to correct their postures, to help them to push/challenge themselves beyond the limitation of their body and mind to make the body become more fit/strong/flexible and be able to do more 'challenging' yoga asana poses, to give positive feedback about their practice, to give encouragements of praise and compliment to motivate them to be continuing their practice, to be interacting in some kind of social conversation, to be involving in some form of social community activities together. Just that they haven't learned/realized what yoga really is about, even after many years of attending many hours of yoga classes regularly, be able to perform the yoga asana practice in perfect alignment, and attaining better health condition, developing fitter, stronger and more flexible physical body, being able to perform many complicated yoga asana poses, and generating momentary good, positive and meaningful feelings in their minds due to the effect of the yoga practice.

All these names and forms are nothing but part of the modification of the worldly egoistic impure minds under the influence of the conditional worldly egoistic thinking and belief and behavior. Yoga practice is mainly to free the mind from the influence of the conditional worldly egoistic thinking, belief and behavior.

One only needs a simple clean space, free from dust or insects/animals, to be practicing external yoga practice of yoga asana and pranayama practice. If there's no clean space available to be practicing yoga asana and pranayama practice, or if the physical health and fitness condition is restricting certain yoga asana or pranayama practices, or if the weather doesn't permit such practice (extreme weather condition), or the environment is not suitable for such external practice (causing inconvenience or disturbance to other beings), then one doesn't have to be practicing any kind of external yoga practice that is limited by certain physical/environmental/weather condition, but it doesn't stop one from performing the unconditional unlimited internal yoga practice of maintaining a calm and quiet mind, allowing the impermanent perceived reality/experience/qualities of names and forms to be what it is, that is not necessarily the way that the mind would like it to be, while be able to forgive and let go something that the mind perceives/recognizes as 'wrong', 'bad', 'hurtful', 'undeserving', 'painful' or 'sorrowful', without craving or clinging towards 'good' condition or pleasantness, and without aversion towards 'bad' condition or unpleasantness.

Contemplate on this and be free.

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