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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Friendliness is about respecting everyone to be different from oneself, to be what they are, as they are

Friendliness doesn't necessarily mean making social contacts or personal friendships and hanging out together, connecting, interacting and socializing with other like-minded people. It is about respecting everyone, whom we know or don't know, to be different from oneself, to be what they are, as they are, being free from discrimination, judgment, expectation, superiority/inferiority and self-righteousness.

Those who are open-minded and free from egoism will not interfere with other people's thinking and belief that are different from them, and won't be disturbed or offended by other people's thinking and belief that one doesn't like and doesn't agree with, and have peace and harmony in oneself. And they allow other people to dislike or disagree with their thinking and belief, being undisturbed and not be offended or insulted by other people's dislike and disagreement towards oneself. But not many are open-minded and egoless. Lots of conflict, argument and violence derived from closed-minded and egoistic mind reactions towards what the ego doesn't like and doesn't agree with, being disturbed and offended by one's dislike and disagreement towards other people's thinking and belief that is different from oneself, or be disturbed and offended or insulted by other people's dislikes and disagreements towards one's thinking and belief which one thinks is right, or true, or superior.

Putting the blame onto other people's thinking and belief and behavior that our minds think and believe as wrong and bad, that we don't like and don't agree with, for the peacelessness and disharmony in us, is ignorance. It's how the ego reacts towards something that it doesn't like and doesn't agree with, that causes the peacelessness and disharmony in the mind.

In yoga or Buddhism, friendliness is the ability to be able to be aware of all the different qualities of names and forms in different people or beings, and be able to respect everyone as they are, even though we might not like or agree with them of their thinking, their beliefs, or their behavior, without judgment or criticism, without trying to change or control those whom we dislike or disagree with to be what we would like them to be, or to be the way that we think they should be. Instead, we have self-awareness, self-discipline and self-control over our own thoughts, actions and speech, being free from discrimination or prejudice that based on our personal likes and dislikes or agreements and disagreements influenced by our own personal thinking and belief about what things are and how things should be like.

One can keep one's personal thinking and belief as well as what one practices or doesn't practice to oneself, and allows other people or beings to have their own thinking and belief, and what they practice or don't practice that are different from oneself, without interfering with other people's freedom of thinking, actions and speech, even if their thinking, actions and speech might cause disturbs or harmful damages to themselves and other beings. But, allowing everyone to develop self-awareness, self-discipline and self-control over their own thoughts, actions and speech via self-realization for the well-being of themselves and others.

The pride and arrogance towards 'I' am better and more superior than all the others is why the ego constantly judging and criticizing and interfering with other people or beings that one doesn't like and doesn't agree with. The thinking and belief of 'I' am good and right, 'I' want the world to be good and right, 'I' want other people to be good and right, 'I' should correct these people or beings whom 'I' think they are not good and wrong, whom I think their thinking and belief and behavior are inferior than mine, is merely coming from the ego, it's not the teachings or the practice of yoga.

In yoga and Buddhism, if one truly wants to do good and be good and wants the world to be good, one focuses and works diligently on self-inquiry by taming and quieting one's mind through self-discipline and self-control, to be determined to free one's mind from ignorance and egoism, and allows everyone to be what they are, as they are, and allows the world to be what it is, as it is. If everyone knows this and frees their minds from ignorance and egoism, the world will be free from all kinds of discrimination, prejudice, hatred, jealousy, greed, possessiveness, fear, exploitation, conflict, war, or violence. All these affliction arise due to people want to interfere with other people's thinking, belief and behavior that one doesn't like and doesn't agree with.

Find out what really happens when there is conflict or argument or unrest between two people? May it be between the parents and their children, the husband and the wife, two friends, two strangers, two neighbours, two religions, two communities, or two countries. It's all deriving from ignorance and egoism and impurities of dissatisfaction, disappointment, anger, hatred, jealousy, greed, possessiveness, exploitation, selfish desires and expectations, feelings of hurt and insult, pride and arrogance, offensiveness and defensiveness, or fear and worry. It's not because one party is 'good and right' and the other party is 'bad and wrong'. If either one party is truly 'good and right', there's no conflict or argument at all. There will be peace and harmony in oneself even when the mind perceives and is aware of something is 'not good or wrong' based on the thinking and belief in one's mind.

If people want to believe or disbelieve in God, that's everyone's freedom.

Be truly friendly. Only when one knows what is true friendliness, one will also know what is compassion. Or else, even though one talks about and promotes compassion, and wants to be compassionate, but one couldn't be truly compassionate if one's mind isn't free from ignorance and egoism yet.

Be free.

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