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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Self-inquiry is beyond being skeptical about everything

To inquire the truth of everything without blind-believing in anything that we come in contact with, is an important part of the yoga and meditation practice. Some may interpret this as being skeptical about everything.

Self-inquiry is beyond being skeptical about everything, but it's allowing the mind to be opened, uninfluenced by any thinking and belief, to allow the mind to see the truth of things as it is.

Being skeptical is doubting and reasoning everything that the mind perceives to find out whether the mind should believe it as true or false, right or wrong, or whether it is something agreeable or disagreeable, acceptable or unacceptable for the mind, based on the existing knowledge, thinking and belief in the mind that is influencing the mind to perform the action of doubting and reasoning. This is still under subjective reasoning.

The truth is not a belief. It is beyond reasoning based on the subjective thinking and belief in the mind about what is true and false.

Open-mind, is going beyond what the mind thinks and believes what things are. It is perceiving everything as it is, without judgment or expectation towards all the names and forms based on any existing knowledge, thinking and beliefs in the mind. It's not about looking into everything to see whether the mind thinks and believes it's true or false, or whether the mind should agree or disagree with it. The mind doesn't need to agree or disagree, or to believe it's true or false, but just seeing the truth as it is. It's nothing to do with doubting, judging and categorizing everything as true or false, right or wrong, or what is agreeable or disagreeable, or what is acceptable or unacceptable, based on what the mind knows, expects, thinks and believes what things are, or how things should be like.

What the mind thinks and reasons towards what it perceives under the influence of what the mind believes as true and false, right and wrong, agreeable and disagreeable, acceptable and unacceptable, is not necessarily the truth of what things are.

Om shanti.

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