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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

It's one's free-will, awareness and responsibility towards one's liberation

Buddha didn't go around trying to change other people's thinking and behavior to be the way that he thought it should be, nor did he has intention trying to make the world a better place or to save the world from destruction.

He went around to disseminate the teachings and practice of Buddhism and allowed people to take up the practice, or not, through their own free-will, awareness and responsibility.

He didn't criticize or condemn any kind of thinking and behavior that was under the influence of ignorance. He respected all beings as they were. He didn't tell other people - The teachings of Buddhism was true and all the other teachings were false. He allowed everyone to realize the truth by themselves.

Buddha transformed and liberated himself. He didn't try to transform or liberate other beings. He allowed everyone to transform and liberate themselves, or not.

Look into our own thinking and behavior - are we truly practicing the teachings of yoga or Buddhism?

It's needless to identify oneself as a yogi or Buddhist if one truly practice the teachings of yoga or Buddhism.

It's pointless to identify oneself as a yogi or Buddhist if one doesn't practice the teachings of yoga or Buddhism.

Om shanti.

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