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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Fearlessness in giving and sharing...

Fearlessness in giving and sharing...

Just like the sun... Ceaselessly, indiscriminately, unconditionally, inexhaustibly giving and providing the element of fire to support the existence of everything.

Just like the sun, perform all our actions, give and love without intention, without attachment, without discrimination, without expectation, and have no fear of absorbing other beings' "negative or bad energy", nor fear of losing our own "positive and good energy" being "stolen" by other beings.

The light illuminates from (you) which (you) think (you) are sharing and giving to other beings, isn't coming from (you), nor does it belongs to (you). (You) gain nothing nor lose anything by sharing the light, or compassion, or wisdom that illuminates (yourself) with (other beings). As there is no (you).

Without identification, without egoism, without separateness, without intention, without attachment, without expectation, without discrimination, without selfish desire of accumulating friendships, liking, love, support, appreciation, or interaction in return, there is no gain nor loss, there is no fear...

Without the other elements of water, wind, earth and ether, the element of fire alone doesn't support anything to be existing, and hence, what is there to be so proud and arrogant for being existing for others to be existing, or to be able to serve oneself and others?

The sun doesn't need gratefulness, thankfulness, agreement nor appreciation from anything for it to be performing ceaseless actions of giving and sharing... Perform its duty and responsibility without identification nor attachment... No matter how much it shares and gives to all and everything, its illumination is inexhaustible, nor being contaminated by its actions or the result of the actions.

Egoism generates individual identification with certain qualities of names and forms, and thus generates separateness from those who/which possess different qualities of names and forms from itself. Separateness gives rise to duality, and thus generates the perception and discrimination of good and bad, positive and negative, happiness and unhappiness, pleasure and suffering, gain and loss, praise and condemn. From duality, the ego generates craving and aversion towards what it likes and dislikes, wants and doesn't wants, agreements and disagreements. Restlessness, dissatisfaction, and fear arise from all these plays of the ego...

Free from egoism doesn't mean that there are no more actions being performed, but all actions that are free from egoism are not different from inaction, which is free from the bondage of Karma.

Actions - egoism (identification, separateness, intention, attachment, discrimination, expectation, desires, craving, aversion) = Selfless actions = Inaction = Compassion = Fearlessness

Om shanti.

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