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Monday, June 23, 2014


Humanity alone doesn't free us from unhappiness or suffering. Without realization of the truth of selflessness, or attributelessness, namelessness and formlessness, humanity is also one of the many qualities of names and forms that binds us to unhappiness and suffering.

Just by identify ourselves as human beings and attach to the thinking and belief about - As "human beings", we all should behave like how "proper", or "normal", or "good" human beings should behave... is also part of the play of ignorance and egoism, and is what generating separateness, discrimination, prejudice, disappointment, dissatisfaction, anger, hatred, superiority and inferiority, craving and aversion, fear and worry, where all these defilements are the cause of disharmony, restlessness or suffering in oneself and in the society.

This doesn't mean that we shouldn't have humanity in the society, or we don't have to be "good" human beings. We do our best, perform all our duties and responsibilities, but be free from ignorance, egoism, identification, attachment, judgment, comparison and expectation towards oneself and others that we all as "human beings" must comply to what we think and believe what humanity is. Then the real unconditional "humanity" that is beyond all the qualities of names and forms will shine in oneself and in the society. There's no difference or separateness between human beings and non-human beings, or between "good" human beings and "bad" human beings.

Only through this realization, the society can be free from anger and hatred, or have peace and harmony, starting from oneself.

It's the same as in a family, or in a community, or in any relationships, or in a corporate work place, or in any organizations. Egoism is the root cause of disharmony and inefficiency in all fields. And the vanish of egoism is the underlying criteria for harmony and efficiency in any fields.

Om shanti.

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