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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Adjust ourselves to adapt and accommodate the yoga (asana) classes, is part of our yoga practice...

Yoga classes are different from fitness exercise classes, where the fitness exercise class format and intensity is purposely designed and adjusted to suit each individual different fitness level and liking. Especially when it is about running a commercial business to provide physical health and fitness exercise classes or services to the clients, then the classes have to be designed into multi levels, different varieties and choices to suit all and everyone, try to 'make sure' everyone is happy and satisfied with the classes and services that the fitness centres provide and sell.

Naturally, when we attend yoga (asana) classes, we usually like to attend the type of yoga (asana) class that is catering for the fitness level that we think we have, and is designed to suit our liking (what types of asana practice and intensity that we prefer, of what we like and want to do).

Very often in the commercial types of yoga (asana) classes, when we don't like the type of yoga asana exercises and intensity that the teacher teaches in the class, we will go to the teacher and tell the teacher what we want for that yoga class, and expect or demand the teacher to give us some other types of exercises and intensity that we prefer, depending on our mood and what we like and want to do for that class.

In fitness classes, it's about what 'the clients' want and like, and give them what they want and like. 'I' pay to get what 'I' want and like, and so, give me what 'I' want and don't give me what 'I' don't want.

But yoga classes is different from fitness classes. Yoga classes are here for us to learn about life, and to accept life as it is, while we do our best to adjust and accommodate every situation and condition that is not necessarily the way that we think it should be, or how we like it to be.

It is for us to practice letting go of the ego, likes and dislikes, agreements and disagreements. It is for us to let go of craving and clinging onto something that our ego likes and agrees with, and let go of aversion towards something that our ego doesn't like and disagrees with.

It is not about what type of yoga asana exercises and intensity that we do in the yoga class that matters. It is the practice of non-attachment and letting go while performing the yoga asana exercises that our ego likes or dislikes, agrees and disagrees with.

It doesn't matter what is the format and intensity of the yoga class that is being taught by the yoga teacher, we do our best in that class. Do what we can do, and not forcing ourselves to do what we cannot do in that present moment, according to the condition and abilities of the physical body in that time being. Accepting the present condition and abilities of the physical body as it is. Allow impermanent changes to happen from moment to moment and accept all the changes as they are.

Sometimes we find the same type of asana practice is harder for us, and sometimes it's easier for us. It's not because of the exercises or the intensity of the yoga (asana) class is different from what it was that makes us feel harder or easier, but it is because of our own impermanent physical conditions and abilities, as well as the state of our mind that is constantly changing.

We adjust ourselves into any types of yoga classes and different intensity. We accept and accommodate the yoga class as it is, without judgment about the yoga class as easy or difficult, nor judging our performance, our physical conditions and abilities as good or bad. Without expectation towards the yoga class that it should be something that we like it to be, or expect the yoga practice or yoga exercises to be adjusted to accommodate what we like and want. Without expecting our performance to be the way that we think it should be. If we have certain physical limitations, or illness, or injuries during that time being, we adapt ourselves into the practice by making some adjustment, without expecting the class to be adjusted and to accommodate our physical limitations.

Life doesn't adjust itself to suit our preferences, and it doesn't accommodate our liking to be something that we like it to be. But, instead we have to learn to adjust ourselves to adapt any life situations, and be able to accommodate any life conditions as it is.

We cannot expect life or the world to be the way that we like and want it to be. We will be very disappointed by our own expectation, as the entire worldly life existence doesn't belong us, nor in our control of how we want it to be.

We allow life and the world to be what it is, while do our best in adjusting ourselves to adapt and accommodate life as it is, not necessarily the way that we like it to be.

Om shanti.

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