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Sunday, July 14, 2013

"Are you a Buddhist?" or "Are you a yogi?" - An invalid question

"Are you a Buddhist?" or "Are you a yogi?"

These questions is like asking, "Are you selfless?"

The basic teachings of Buddhism and yoga are the same. It's all about realizing the truth about names and forms, remove dualism, egoism and ignorance, and transcends suffering.

It's about non-separateness or all is one.

It's about namelessness and formlessness, beyond all the differences of quality and appearance, colours and shapes.

It's about non-identification with the qualities of names and forms.

It's about unconditional peace, wisdom and compassion.

There's no difference between this type of teaching and that type of teaching, if it brings us to realize the truth to transcend names and forms, the egoism and ignorance, and realize unconditional peace, wisdom and compassion.

And so, when somebody ask this question to a person who is really practicing the teachings of Buddhism, or who is really practicing the teachings of yoga, then this question is invalid, just like asking a selfless person, "Are you selfless?"

Whenever we identify ourselves as a "Buddhist" or a "Yogi", we actually generate separateness between 'I' being a Buddhist or a yogi and with those who are not a Buddhist or a yogi.

We can call ourselves anything that we like, and can be anything that we want. But whether we are truly practicing the teachings or not, only ourselves will know.

I can call myself a "Buddhist" or a "yogi", give myself an appearance of a "Buddhist" or a "yogi", and behave like a "Buddhist" or a "yogi" should be behaving, but it doesn't mean anything.

If I am really practicing Buddhism or yoga, I don't need to name or call myself a "Buddhist" or a "yogi".

It is everyone's freedom to call us whatever they think what we are to them.

If people think I am a Buddhist, let them call me a "Buddhist".

If people think I am a yogi, let them call me a "yogi".

But that's not what I really am.

I am neither a "Buddhist" nor a "yogi", nor a "yoga teacher", nor a "good person", nor a "happy person", although from the appearance of what I am doing, I seem to be like a "Buddhist", or a "yogi", or a "yoga teacher", or some people might perceive me as a "good person" or "happy person".

Call myself anything that I like, but that won't change nor determine who I am.

Om shanti.

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