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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No complaints, no unhappiness on the path of yoga...

At the beginning of our practice, before we practice selflessness and compassion, we need to know what is selflessness and compassion. After we understand what is selflessness and compassion, we learn how to be selfless and compassionate, and practice selflessness and compassion in all our thoughts, actions and speech. Until one day, we become completely selfless and compassionate. We are no more practicing selflessness and compassion, but we are selfless and compassionate. We are not separated from selflessness and compassion.

If we are really selfless and compassionate, there won’t be any unhappiness in us. It’s because nothing can make us happy or unhappy if we truly are selfless and compassionate. There is no anger, hatred, frustration, discontentment, disappointment, fear and worry, when we are selfless and compassionate. It’s because there is no attachment in all our actions and the result of our actions. There is no selfish intention or expectation in all the selfless and compassionate actions. If there is tiny intention or expectation in our action, then this action is not completely selfless and compassionate, and it will bind us to the result of the action. There is still some attachment there. There will be discontentment and disappointment if the result is not as what we want it to be, or there will be pride and arrogance if the result is what we want it to be.

If at this present moment now, I still have some complaints and unhappiness in me, if I’m still unhappy about something that I perceive in the mind through the senses of what I see, hear, smell, taste, touch and think, then it is because I am not selfless and compassionate enough. It is because I am attached to my mind, and my mind is attached to all the names and forms that it perceives through the senses. Then whatever the mind (with the function of the intellect and the ego) reacts towards all the names and forms will also disturb or affect or determine me for how I think and how I feel.

It is not the things that we perceive that make us happy or not happy. They cannot make us happy or not happy. It is the wrong identification with the body and the mind and the attachment towards all the names and forms that make us think that we are being disturbed by all these names and forms and disturbed by "this" and "that", and determining whether we are happy or not happy due to what we think we are experiencing. if there is no attachment and if we know that we are not the body and the mind, then we won’t be affected by whatever names and forms that are being perceived by the mind, and we won’t be affected by whatever condition that the body and the mind is experiencing at this present moment now.

Without the mind, we perceive nothing, no names, no forms…

What is good? What is bad? What is happiness? What is unhappiness?

If we are truly selfless, there is no identification with the body and the mind, there is no likes or dislikes. There is no craving and aversion. There is no good and no bad. There is no happiness or suffering. Everything is just being what it is. All the different qualities of names and forms disappear when we become selfless. There is no self-interest, self-protection, self-arrogance, selfish intention, selfish expectation. There is no discrimination of good beings and bad beings, and there is no separateness of us and everything in the universe.

There is no “my family and friends” or “not my family and friends”. There is no people that I like or people that I don’t like. There is no superiority and inferiority. Everyone is equal, including my own self is also one of the beings. All the separateness of “you and I”, “he and I”, “they and I”, is gone and disappeared. There is no friends or not friends. There is no loneliness, no craving for love and attention from “somebody” who is separated from “I”. When everyone is not separated from “I”, how can I be lonely?

When I am selfless and compassionate, I will be compassionate towards all beings including my own self is also one of the beings. No differences.

That’s why yoga is all about knowing who we really are, and we will be free. We are selfless and compassionate in our true nature, the real and infinite existence. We are not affected nor determined by any names and forms that our mind can perceive or understand. We are not disturbed by the good and bad karma that is generated by this body and this mind. We are not affected by all the rounds of birth and death of life existence.

It doesn’t matter at this present moment now, if we are still not completely selfless yet. No judgment, forgive and accept our own imperfection, and keep practice selflessness until we become selfless.

But from now on, try to stop identify with the mind and the states of the mind. Learn to be the witness or the observer of our own mind. We will soon realize that we are not the mind. We are not the body either. We are something beyond the mind and the body. This body and this mind is subject to impermanence, forming, changes, and deforming. We exist even before this mind exists and will continue to exist when this mind stops existing. We have no beginning, no ending. We are the infinite Self. We can negate everything that we can perceive with this mind, but we cannot negate the one who is negating everything, which is what I am.

Everything that has a beginning will have an end. Everything that exist will cease existing. Everything may go through forming and deforming, existence and non-existence. But our true Self is beyond existence and non-existence. Everything can be non-existing after some time, but our true Self is always here… Without the Self, nothing exists. Just like without the sun, the air, the water, the earth and the space, nothing can exist. Everything exist because of all these elements. All these elements exist because of the Self.

There is no gain and no loss… Everything come from zero, and will go back to zero. What is there to be gained and to be lost?

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