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Monday, January 24, 2011

If we are truly selfless and compassionate, there is no fear, no gain, no loss...

Came across a conversation about some people who practice spiritual activities such like yoga, meditation, reiki, qi gong and some other practices (white or black magic), that they are actually stealing other people’s energy intentionally in many different ways (that’s freaky!).

While some people will absorb other people’s energy (either positive or negative energy) without any intention, without the awareness of it.

This makes some of the people who are aware of this “energy stealing activity” or "absorbing other people's energy", become so tensed and worried all the time and having fear of becoming one of the victims of it. We will try to develop a protection shield for ourselves to avoid our energy being stolen by anybody or don't want to absorb any negative energy from other people.

This actually creates an obstacle in the path of realizing selflessness and compassion.

It’s because it creates a strong barrier (protection wall) between us and other people. We cannot be opened to other people and are becoming more selfish instead. We are moving further away from selflessness, oneness and compassion. We are not expanding our heart, but are narrowing and closing our heart to everyone. We are constantly living in fear and worry.

Some people even think that their spouse or partner is actually stealing or exhausting their energy from them, making them suffer low-energy, sickness, depression and being exhausted all the time (Somebody must be "being so kind", is there telling everybody about protecting themselves from being the victim of “energy vampires” among their closed family and friends, as well as anybody that come in contact with them). This is insane, because this creates tensions in the relationship with everyone. There is no trustworthy and openness in any relationships at all. This is so unhealthy.

Some even say that our accumulated merits and virtues also can be stolen by these “energy vampires”. This is impossible, because nobody can “steal” or “replace” the karma (good or bad) that we have committed and generated by ourselves and will be harvest by ourselves. Such a huge ignorance to think that someone can give us or take away the merits and virtues.

Even before our energy is being stolen by somebody, we are already exhausting so much energy from being in fear and worry, and being so tensed all the time.

The point is, if we are truly selfless, then nobody can steal anything from us. Why? It’s because when there is no “I”, there is nothing that belongs to “I” that can be “taken away” or “stolen” from “I”.

And if we are selfless, we will be completely being compassionate towards everybody and will give and share everything that we “have” with anybody. If people need energy, “we” give them what they need (from the universal consciousness, not from “I”, because there is no “I”, there is no “my energy”). They don’t need to steal anything from us. They can have it and just take it. It is for them to consume this energy as well. Like the sunlight and the air that we breathe in and out, everyone can consume the sunlight and the air for free. We don’t need to steal the sunlight or the air… It is for everybody.

Somebody might want to argue about “What about some people take advantage of the sunlight or water to make into electricity to make money or to control other people? Are they not stealing something that is entitled to everybody (actually all these elements come from the universe, they do not belong to anybody) and sell it back to everyone, and make a profit from it?” But think deeply, these people are actually doing something to make convenience for other people. They do work hard on producing the electricity making use of the sunlight or the water, and if we want to use the electricity for our own convenience, then of course we have to pay for it.

And ask ourselves, who didn’t take advantage of the elements (the sun, the air, the water, the earth, the space)? Without them, we cannot survive, cannot exist. Whether somebody is taking advantage of the elements or not, it is still something that everyone is sharing to exist, but none of the elements belong to anybody at all. Did we ever pay anything in return to the universe for depending on all these elements to be exist? It is a selfless and compassionate gift from the universe for everyone and everything to exist, it doesn’t matter if we appreciate them or not, be grateful and thankful or not.

This body is made up of elements. It will decompose and return back to the elements. There is no gain nor loss.

When we bought a piece of land with a house on it, we don’t actually own the land or the house! “Legally” we have our name written on the sales and purchase agreement, and we paid “somebody” to “buy” the land with the house on it. “Legally”, we “own” the land and the house. But think deeply, the first person who sell the land to us, from whom he bought the land from? How much did he paid and to whom that he paid to? All lands belong to the earth, the universe. Who are we to steal the land and make it “ours” by creating some “ownership” through “legal sales and purchase agreement”? And who had invented or issued this “legal sales and purchase agreement” at the beginning?

About the house, before this house was built on the land that doesn’t really belong to us, all the animals, insects, birds and other beings are living on this land and this space freely, long before this house was built, before we moved into this house, and live in this house. We might need to pay for the cost for building the house, for the material and workmanship. But we don’t own the space within and without the house. We will continue to share this land and this house with some animals, insects, birds or other beings that have been living here on this land long before us. Who are we to chase these nature beings away from our “property”?

It doesn’t matter “legally” we have “paid” for it and have it “under our name”.

And this house is subject to impermanence. It comes from the universe (the material for building the house), it is made up of elements, and it will go through impermanence, changes, decaying and deforming. It will go back to the universe. We can’t even own the material that built the house. This house doesn’t belong to us at all. We cannot own it or take it away with us when we leave this body with the name that had “bought” the land with the house. Anytime, a storm, or fire, or flood, or wind will destroy this house in a few seconds.

When we know what is selflessness and oneness, that there is no separateness between us and everything in the entire existence of the universe, then everyone and everything is not separated from us. Everyone and everything is us.

Just like all the individual cells in this physical body, they all are within this body and they form up the entire structure for this body to exist and to have life existence. This body exists because they exist. Without them, this body doesn’t exist. What is there to be worry about being “hurt” or “something being stolen” by these cells in this body?

If somebody who is “I”, is “stealing” something from “I”, then it is (myself) stealing something from (myself). Then what do “I” lose in this action of stealing? Absolutely nothing… It is like my left hand is stealing the bread from my right hand, and put it into my mouth.

Energy constantly running from one cell to another cell, but still, all these cells and the energy are part of this physical body. All the cells are sharing this energy, to survive. There is no selfishness nor sense of belonging or possession. Without this energy, nothing exists. This energy doesn’t belong to any individual cell at all, but every cells can share this energy and survive.

This energy doesn’t belong to us. We are sharing this energy with all beings in the entire universe. How can anyone steal something that is already there for everyone to share with, unlimitedly, unconditionally, inexhaustibly.

But, if we don’t know what is selflessness, oneness and non-separateness. If we are still identified with the selfish ego (the “I”) and are attached to this individual self-identification that is separated from all other beings. Then, this sense of “I-ness” and “mine-ness” will create the separateness between us and everything. For sure, “somebody” who is separated from us and who is not us, can steal “something” that is “mine” from “I”, and “I” will lost “something” that belongs to “I”.

Be selfless, be compassionate, be wise…

No need to live in fear of being a victim of “energy vampire” or being an "energy sponge".

This body doesn’t belong to us, the energy that support the existence of this body also doesn’t belong to us. Nothing is us or ours. What is there to lose or to gain? Everything comes from the universe, and will go back to the universe. Nothing more, nothing less...

Peace and light to all.

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