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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Swami Sivananda's words of wisdom - Essence of Vedanta

Stop, O mind, thy plannings! Enough, enough of thy cravings for the body and for the intellect. Make good of every minute that is at thy disposal. Time is a rat that slowly cuts the thread of life. It may break at any moment. Believe not that you will be living to enjoy the objects of life. Death may lay his icy hands on this body and shatter it at any time. Cherish not objects of the world. Wish not for glory in life. Plan not to immortalize thy name in the world, lest thou wilt be immortalizing it in vacuum. Speak not to people, lest thou wilt be speaking to the skies. Beat not space thinking it is a drum. Stop imagining. Stop scheming.

停止,啊 意识,你的计划!足够了,你对身体和智力的欲望已经足够了。好好的利用任你处置的每一刻。时间就是好比一只老鼠在慢慢的咬切你的生命线,它随时可能会中 断。不要去相信,你将会活着,是为了去享受生命中的物质。在任何时候,死神随时会用他的冰冷之手去碰触你的身体,把它粉碎。不要去贪爱世界里的物质。不要希望从生命中得到荣耀。不要计划在世界上永恒保存你的名字,否则就好像要把你的名字保存在真空之中。不要对任何人说话,否则就好像在对天空说话。不要去 敲打空间,把它设想成是一个鼓。停止幻想。停止策划。

- Swami Sivananda

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