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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thoughts sharing about the wheel of birth and death...

This is a response from the previous blog Cry for the dead? Cheer for the new born?

"Our True Self Nature and oneness with Ultimate Reality is all that matters in the end. Whatever this body of compounded aggregates does in this mind created world and reality is insubstantial after all, and only perpetuates the cycle of Life, Death and Rebirth. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really matter if you are doing this in a “happy mode” or not. The end result: old age, disease and death is always the same for all of us and regardless of our State of Mind in this world during our current life. I would therefore promote to read and practice the Tibetan Book of the Dead every day and in order to exit this reality altogether… “Love and Peace to all” alone is not going to save us but perpetuates “Love and Peace to all” in just another cycle of Life, Death and Rebirth… and another… and another… forever!" -Elk Arne Clausen

"Yes, to exit from this tiring and meaningless cycle of birth and death is the ultimate path.

But while we are sincerely “trying” to get out of this cycle of birth and death, we can choose to live our life in a negative way or positive way, in depression or cheerfulness, remain inaction or we can make good use of this “suffering body” to perform some actions selflessly that can bring some love and peace to other “suffering beings” and to evolve together in the path of transcending the wheel of birth and death.

Lots of enlightened beings chose to continue the cycle of birth and death to be here to help other “suffering beings” to be saved from the cycle of birth and death.

The suffering of this mortal body means nothing to these compassionate beings (Bodhisattva)." - Meng Foong

"it definitely is important to maintain a positive outlook and emanate compassion throughout our mortal lives because when this is practised diligently, it also becomes our second nature and preps us for the moment of death. yes, no doubt no one (neither murderer nor holy man) can escape the wreaths of old age, disease and death, but what matters is the mind state we are in when approaching these different stages of life. how we experience the process of dying itself will determine and shape our next life. if we had lived a life full of regret and negativity the mind will create terrifying demons that escort us through the bardo state and eventually lead us into an unfavourable rebirth. if we had lived a life full of pure heart and pure intentions, the journey to our next life will be a pleasant and illuminating one." - Yoga Hui

"I completely agree with the ideal of leading a happy and positive life as long as we are not quiet sure we are able to exist this time around. Reading, the Tibetan Book of the Dead almost every day, I am almost certain I am not quiet ready for the Intermediate State of Reality… or Rebirth. But I do also think that to prep myself for “the next life” should not be my priority in this life. The priority should be to exist altogether and there are basically two paths we can follow, the one of the Arhat or the Bodhisattva… difficult choice since the later almost certainly leads to more of this reality…" - Elk Arne Clausen

"Yes, live at the present moment now, not being disturbed by the past, not worrying for the future, not anticipating anything, taking care of the present moment now, the future will take care by itself.

To know our past, just look at ourselves now. To know our future, also look at ourselves now.

This is what Buddha taught us, to live at the present moment. The only reality is “now”, the past and the future doesn’t exist. Observe the reality as it is, accept the reality as it is, transcending the duality of good and bad that comes from all the names and forms. Not generate craving nor aversion, remain equanimous not being disturbed nor affected by whatever the mind perceives through the senses… (nameless and formless meditation – not attach to the mind and observe the mind as it is)

Stop doing bad.
Do good.
Purify the mind.
(without expectation for the result)

Transcending the craving or aversion towards birth or death, happiness or suffering. Some people are craving for birth and averse towards death. Some people are craving for death and averse towards birth. Some people are craving for neither birth nor death. And all are still forms of craving (both wants and don’t wants). The craving is still there. It is this craving that had started all these endless cycles of birth and death. To stop this cycle of birth and death, is to annihilate this craving of “wants” and “don’t wants”…

No craving towards pleasant sensations and good feelings, no aversion towards unpleasant sensations and bad feelings, remain equanimous undisturbed and unaffected by whatever the mind and the body is experiencing at the present moment now. Treat all the duality of names and forms equally.

Knowing that all these sensations and feelings are not us, they don’t belong to us, and they are impermanent. They arise, they stay, they change and they will pass away eventually. If we just observe and are aware of all these sensations and feelings and not generate reaction of craving and aversion, remain equanimous, all the existing good and bad karma will be depleted as well as all the accumulated past good and bad karma also will come up to the surface to be purified, until there is no cause for birth, and thus there will be no growth, no old age, no illness, no decaying and no death. It doesn’t matter if it takes many life times to deplete/purify all the accumulated karma.

These are the practice that we are practicing unceasingly whether we are awake, asleep, lying down, standing, walking or sitting, without any expectation for the result. Being mindful of our thoughts, actions and speech without attachment.

Out of compassion, we perform all these practices selflessly.

Stop generate “bad” karma by stop doing bad.

Stop generate “good” karma by not identify as the doer of good actions (intention-less, compassionate and selfless actions) and not craving for good karma in return (renounce from the fruit of actions). All good actions for ourselves and for other beings are being performed out of compassion.

Keep purifying the past accumulated karma which will be continuously manifesting in the body and the mind and will also dissolve in the body and the mind, and not generate anymore reactions of craving and aversion that will create the chain reaction of cause and effect.

If there is attachment (being affected by good or bad karma and generate reaction of craving and aversion), we are not practicing dhamma nor are meditating. When we are free from attachment (not being affected by good or bad karma and not generate reaction of craving and aversion), we are practicing dhamma or are meditating whether in action or in inaction (with form or formless).

Not longing to have birth, and not longing to have no birth either. Accepting the reality as it is from moment to moment…

The world is just being what it is. It is not something good nor bad.

If we attach to all the transitory names and forms that keep arising and passing away, then the world that we perceive is being projected as good or bad. If we do not attach to any names and forms, then the world is just being what it is. It is neither good nor bad…

Heaven and hell is right here, at this present moment now, in our own heart… Either we are detached from names and forms, and are free from craving (heaven). Or we are attached to names and forms, and are full of craving (hell)…

If we want to have a good life in the future, we perform good actions and stop performing bad actions. If we want to have a bad life in the future, we perform bad actions and stop performing good actions. If we don’t want to have any future lives (good or bad), we transcend all the duality of names and forms without attachment to neither good nor bad…

This is what I learned from Buddha’s teaching of how to transcend birth and death, and to transcend the suffering that arise due to the cycle of birth and death, and the existence of the mortal body with the functions of the senses which has a thinking mind with the function of the selfish ego that is full of craving and aversion.

At the end, when one has transcended all names and forms, there is no difference between the path of Arhat or Bodhisattva.

I’m open to learn more from all wise beings (with form and formless) who had fully transcended this body and mind, and the suffering that arise from the body and the mind." - Meng Foong

Thank you for the sharing...

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