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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Humility manifests in those who are truly self-confident... Pride & arrogance manifests in those who are not sure what is true confidence...

The greatest obstacle for us to obtain the highest knowledge (realizing the wisdom in us) is pride and arrogance.

A truly confident person will not have any pride and arrogance but is being humble, and yet being very confident about himself or herself and is not looking down on any other beings nor is admiring any other beings. He or she doesn’t depend on any of the qualities that come from all the names and forms to feel confident about himself or herself. This true confidence manifests in him or her when he or she knows Thyself, or knowing the truth of himself or herself about the false identification of a limited life existence that we think and believe is who we are, or what is this perceptive cognitive assertive intellectual thinking mind that enjoys and suffers, or who/what am 'I', and knows the truth of what is real and unreal.

A truly confident person doesn't need to justify or to prove to himself or herself or to anybody else about anything.

There is no superiority. There is no inferiority. There is no good beings. There is no bad beings. There is no fear, no worry. When attachment or dependency towards all the qualities of names and forms disappears from those who have true confidence, then all kind of judgments, comparisons, competitions and expectations towards other people and towards our own self will also disappear naturally.

All are equal under the presence of wisdom and compassion. All are selfless and impermanent, regardless of good or bad, positive or negative, right or wrong, meaningfulness or meaninglessness, kind or unkind, pleasant or unpleasant, desirable or undesirable, agreeable or disagreeable, healthy or unhealthy, knowledgeable or non-knowledgeable, success or failure, living beings or non-living objects, and so on.

Success and failure have no meanings at all for those who are truly confident. Success and failure only exist in those who are lack of self-confidence and are being determined by success or failure to give them "confidence" or to take away their "confidence".

True confidence is always here in us. We will realize it when we know who we really are or who/what am 'I'. That it's not something that can be determined by "this" or "that". It is not about what we can do or cannot do. It is not about what we can achieve and cannot achieve...

Trying to gain recognition, or acknowledgment, or approval, or agreement from other people or from our own self is a sign that we are lack of true confidence. Longing for appreciation, praise and compliments, dislike and reject non-appreciation, criticism and condemnation is another sign of lack of true confidence. When we get recognition, acknowledgment, approval or agreement from other people and are getting appreciation, praise and compliments, we will feel good and "confident" about ourselves, and feel superior or proud and arrogant, but when we don't get any recognition, acknowledgment, approval or agreement from other people and are not getting any appreciation, praise and compliments, we will feel bad and "not confident" about ourselves, and feel inferior or low self-esteem. This conditional "confidence" is not the real confidence.

Learn to let go of craving towards appreciation, praise and compliments. Learn to let go of aversion towards non-appreciation, criticism and condemnations. This will develop equanimity in us.

Equanimity brings out true confidence and humility, which allows us to continue to evolve and improve without feeling bad, or low, or guilty about our own self for being imperfect, or are not perfected in our practice yet.

Om shanti.

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