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Saturday, December 18, 2010

无私和无我 - 慈悲与智慧 - 超越痛苦的道路





形像无名无色境界 - 法门,没有品质好坏分别无条件,无限制



超越痛苦的道路 - 慈悲与智慧 - 无私

领悟到这一点 - 当下去觉悟我们真正的真正的自由。

Selflessness - the path of real freedom, liberation

Compassion allows us to perform selfless actions to benefit all beings including our own self is also one of the beings, without discrimination.

Wisdom allows us to stay detached from the compassionate actions and the fruit of actions, without attachment, without expectation.

All selfless actions are intention-less.

In the presence of compassion and wisdom, there is no craving, no aversion, no likes, no dislikes, no disappointment, no dissatisfaction, no anger, no hatred, no jealousy, no greed, no selfish desire, no fear, no worry, no sadness, no depression or any other impurities…

This is the state of namelessness and formlessness – non-duality, without qualities, causeless, birth-less, death-less, beyond good and bad, unconditioned, unlimited.

No eyes (sight), no ears (sound), no nose (smell), no tongue (taste), no body (touch), no mind (thinking).

This is real freedom.

This is the path of liberation – compassion and wisdom – selflessness…

Realize this – our true Self, and be free.

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