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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Are You Ready For Yoga?

No Doubt that yoga is for everyone and it is already within everyone. What we need to do is to purify and discipline the mind for us to be able to realize yoga in us.

But not everyone is ready to receive the great knowledge of yoga yet. It is because their minds are still full of impurities and the ego is still very dominant in them. They attach strongly to their own individual identity and personality and their knowledge, and are strongly identify with the mind and the ego. They are not ready yet to surrender the ego or to give up the identification with the body and the mind. They are not ready for becoming selfless. They are not even ready to be humble enough to learn.

Real yoga practice (not just using yoga asana as an exercise) will either generate strong resentment in them towards the deep philosophy of yoga and the disciplines in yoga practice, or it will trigger painful suffering in them physically or mentally or emotionally (being part of the purification process and due to lots of restrictions for the mind and the ego). Most of these people will not only drop out from the path of yoga due to they cannot accept the teachings of yoga, and they cannot endure hardship and discipline lifestyle, but they will condemn the teachings, the practice and the teachers as well. Their minds don't like to be disciplined and their egos are refusing to give in. Basically the path of yoga is asking the ego to "get lost" and to change the habits of the mind. Of course those people who attach strongly to the mind and who have a strong ego will be very uncomfortable with this control of the mind and thinning out of the ego, and are strongly against the teachings of yoga.

We cannot tell people who are very selfish and arrogant, or who doesn't know what is thoughtfulness, tolerance, patience, forgive, humility and selflessness, and to those who is petite mindedness and full of anger, hatred and jealousy, for them to let go of the differences of superiority and inferiority, to love, respect and be kind to all beings as one without discrimination, to let go of all judgments and comparison with other people and with our own self, and to sacrifice our own comforts and benefits to perform selfless service for other beings without any expectations and not asking for any rewards in return.

These divine qualities have no values and meanings for them who like to live in the egoistic and materialistic world that is full of judgment, comparison, competition and expectation everywhere, and only talk about worldly and personal success, sensual and material enjoyment as happiness. Again, all these are not wrong at all, but they cannot give us true and lasting happiness.

Only those who are tired of the impermanence of life existence, who are disgust about worldly sensual enjoyment, who are inquiring for the true knowledge to be free from ignorance and the worldly suffering, and are looking for true happiness, are fit and ready to walk the path of yoga.

For those who are not ready yet, they can continue enjoying their "perfect" worldly sensual pleasure life, chasing after the momentary pleasure and busy gratifying their unlimited lustful desires and cravings, and be happy with what they want for themselves.

The problem is many people don't really know what they really want in life.

There is nothing wrong with anyone who wants to live in the way of a "normal" worldly life according to what the mind thinks it should be. Be happy then. We can choose to spend our entire lifetime in eating, drinking, sleeping, working, playing, accumulating, socializing, feeling up and down, and having discontentment, fear and worry most of the time, or we can choose to know what is the real meaning of our life existence.

When the time is right, and when people are ready for spiritual evolve, everything will come naturally for them to walk the path of yoga. We can't force anyone who is not ready for yoga yet (real selfless yoga that develops non-attachment to the body and mind, and not trendy branded fitness yoga that develops strong attachment to the body and mind) to accept the teachings of yoga, or to follow intense yoga practice and the traditional disciplines seriously, because it will cause more harmful effects and unhappiness to themselves than giving them real beneficial effects and happiness.

In the meantime, we wish all beings be happy whether they are ready to walk the path of yoga yet or not.

Om Shanti.

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