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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Be Happy In Life Is Yoga

Some people think that yoga is something absolute that it cannot simply be grasp by normal human beings and even though some people understand what it teaches about the absolute, but it seems like it is not easy to be practical in life.

Actually anybody from young to old, from low intelligence to high intelligence, everyone can practice yoga and can attain yoga in their hearts.

It is about knowing how to be happy in life no matter how is the condition and situation of our lives. Those who know how to be happy in life, undisturbed by the ups and downs, gain and loss, are indeed wise beings with great wisdom.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being unhappy. Don't see that it is something not good or as something negative. It is a natural way for us to express our emotion. Suppressing unhappy feelings in our hearts is not healthy for our mind and the body. Everyone has the birth right to be happy or be unhappy. It's just that life goes on whether we are happy or unhappy. And being unhappy is taking up lots of energy from us and it might create more unhappiness for ourselves and other beings.

Since we have the freedom to choose to be happy or be unhappy even though life is not always the way as how we would like it to be, then why don't we be happy instead of making ourselves and other beings miserable? Life will be so much easier if we are happy even though it looks like it is still the same life full of problems and unhappiness (life is constantly changing not the same anymore from moment to moment. This constant changing phenomena is the permanent unchangeable truth). That's why we all experience and feel restlessness. And yoga practice is to guide us how to be free from restlessness and be at peace under any circumstances.

To be able to be happy in life can be very simple for certain people and it also can be very challenging for some other people. It is all subject to our mental attitude towards everything. If we want to be happy, we just need to change our own mental attitude especially we can't really change other people or change the world.

It is not necessary that having all our wishes come true and we will be happy. This is due to the characteristic of the mind is not easily satisfied and it is forever changing.

It is about able to have gratitude and contentment in whatever we do and whatever we have in life at the present moment now, not greed for the things that we don't have and not moan for the things that we have, able to accept the truth of things are impermanence and non-self, accept everything as it is, accept everyone as they are, accept ourselves as we are, being aware that we are not this body and not this mind, not attach to the thoughts, feelings and sensations, able to let go of the past and the future, not having strong craving and aversion towards anything, and not attach to our fleeting momentary feelings of happiness and unhappiness.

Or we can say that the weaker the ego is and the lesser of our attachment towards everything is, the easier it is for us to be happy and remain happy all the time.

When we are being at the present moment, we will find that there is no fear and worry.

Being free from fear and worry, and free from craving and aversion, there will be minimum tension being generated in our body and the mind. And thus peace is there due to the balance state of mind.

Only with a balance state of mind, we can advance in the path of yoga, until we are one with yoga by attaining oneness with the universal consciousness.

Being happy in life at all time is being very close to yoga. And what lies beyond the feeling of being happy is yoga. It is beyond happiness and unhappiness. It is beyond the perception of the mind. It is beyond the perception of happy thoughts and happy feelings.

It is beyond "want to feel happy" and "don't want to feel unhappy". We need to accept that unhappiness does exist, and allow it to be exist, not trying to deny it or push it away, but we don't have to attach to it nor give it values, and let it go. We can't really attach to happy feelings either. We enjoy the happy feelings and let it go. By not having craving for happy feelings and not having aversion towards unhappy feelings will bring us peace of mind and be truly happy.

Having gratefulness and appreciation will bring us happy feelings. Doing good and be kind to other beings will also bring us happy feelings. But these feelings are not the end of suffering, if it is being conditioned by our mind that doing "this" and having "that" will make us happy, and while not doing "this" and not having "that" will make us unhappy.

Some people feel happy by hurting others and making others suffer, that is not real happiness. And so, it is not the path of yoga.

The path of yoga is true happiness that derives from non-harming to ourselves and other beings. True happiness also derives from being selfless, being compassionate towards all beings, being wise and understanding about the truth of everything, being fearless and worry-less, and having immoveable love and peace in our hearts.

Even though happy feelings are still something within the mind, it is still wiser than feeling unhappy most of the time trying to go beyond the mind or trying to avoid unhappiness. Even if it is the ego that is feeling happy most of the time, it is indeed a happy ego - sattvic. This is nothing bad at all. When the mind is pure, the ego is not our enemy but it is our good friend. Only when we have transcended the tamasic and rajasic state of mind and are in the sattvic state of mind, then we can go beyond the sattvic state of mind and transcend both happiness and unhappiness, attaining everlasting peacefulness.

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