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Friday, June 26, 2009

Yoga Now Malaysia in Langkawi

Yoga Now Malaysia run regular Yoga Retreats in Malaysia.

You can find all the details on

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  1. is it the only place i could practice yoga in langkawi?

  2. Hello there,
    I don't think we are the only people who give yoga classes in Langkawi. I am sure there are many places you can have yoga classes.

    Yoga practice is anywhere and everywhere. It is not limited by time and space, but limited by our conditioned mind - that we think we can only learn yoga from certain people or practice yoga at certain time or at certain place.

    The real practice is in our heart every moment in life. Not just about the Asana practice or Pranayama practice.

    But if you are new to yoga and want to learn what yoga really is, then you need to find a good teacher that can guide you in your practice and give you correct understanding about yoga. And it is your affinity with that teacher. You need to have faith and believe in that teacher with an opened mind and sincerity.

    Either the teacher will come to you or you will go to the teacher naturally when the time is right.

    When you found your teacher, listen to his or her instruction with a humble heart. Even if the teacher is not perfect, you will still learn a lot from that teacher. At the end, you are your own teacher. No one can be more intimate with yourself than you are. The teacher is just there to guide you, but you will be doing all the practice by yourself every moment.

    Hope you can find your teacher and maintain your practice from then on.

    Om Shanti,
    Meng Foong


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Link to Yoga Now Malaysia website

Link to Yoga Now Malaysia website
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