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Friday, September 8, 2017

Those who aren't free and those who are free

Yoga teachings and practice are useful for the minds that aren't free.

The minds that aren't free, are restless.

The mind is restless being ceaselessly reacting with likes and dislikes, agreement and disagreement, want and don't want towards all the perceived names and forms through the senses.

The mind looks out and finds faults in the qualities of names and forms as the cause of unhappiness and suffering.

There's endless longing, clinging, craving, aversion.

There's fear, disappointment, dissatisfaction, loneliness, emptiness, animosity, hurt, sorrow, suffering.

There's craving and clinging for love and to be loved, for the sense of meaningfulness.

There's intention to escape or change the perceived reality that the mind dislikes and dissatisfies with.

There's endless search for satisfaction, happiness and fulfillment.

x x x x x x x x x x x x

Yoga teachings and practice are useless for the liberated minds.

The minds that are free, are peaceful.

All the names and forms are just what they are.

There's no interference towards the names and forms for being what they are, as they are, as they change, as they come, as they go.

The mind turns inward for self-introspection and sees the truth or the real cause of unhappiness and suffering.

No attachment. No identification. No expectation.

No longing. No clinging. No craving. No aversion.

No fear. No disappointment. No dissatisfaction. No loneliness. No emptiness. No animosity. No hurt. No sorrow. No suffering.

There's no craving and clinging for love and to be loved, for the sense of meaningfulness.

There's no searching for satisfaction, happiness, or fulfillment.

It is full and peaceful as it is.

x x x x x x x x x x x x

Whether the mind is free or not free, peaceful or restless, it's in the present, beyond all the different qualities of names and forms, thinking and beliefs, conditions and situations, ways of life and behaviors.

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