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Monday, March 17, 2014

Undisturbed and uninfluenced by qualities of names and forms is different from being self-centered, stubborn, proud and arrogant...

Sometimes we confuse "what is being undisturbed and uninfluenced by qualities of names and forms" with "being self-centered, stubborn, proud and arrogant towards our own thinking, beliefs and behavior."

The difference between these two things is one is free from egoism, and the other one is derived from egoism.

One is at peace and being compassionate towards oneself and others, while the other one is not necessarily at peace, and is not necessarily being compassionate towards oneself and others.

One is being thoughtful for others without being influenced by others, and will not generate any actions that will intentionally hurt oneself or others. While the other one is being self-centered and unthoughtful for others, and might generate actions that will hurt oneself and others.

One is allowing and respecting others to be different in thinking, beliefs and behavior, while the other one might not allow nor respect others for having different thinking, beliefs and behavior.

Om shanti.

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