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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Yoga and world peace...

Yoga exists in the world is for the sake of world peace, as world peace has to start with individual peace and liberation in all beings.

This liberation is not about only come in contact with what we like and want, and not coming in contact with anything that we don't like and don't want. It's also nothing to do with the freedom of expression, movement, thinking, action and speech in the world. It's the liberation from egoism and ignorance.

The world is just being what it is, it is neither peaceful nor not peaceful. It is "us", who we think we are, that are responsible for generating all sorts of impure thoughts, actions and speech through the function of the body and mind, whether intentionally and unintentionally upon oneself and into the world, and thus the world appears as not peaceful. 
Impure thoughts, actions and speech are being generated into the world is because our impure minds are not at peace due to egoism and ignorance, where there is attachment towards the qualities of names and forms, and ceaseless reaction being generated towards names and forms that the mind likes and dislikes, agrees and disagrees with. And thus, the mind is constantly under the influence of impurities such like anger, hatred, jealousy, greed, dissatisfaction, disappointment, pride, arrogance, intolerance, animosity, offensiveness, defensiveness, craving, aversion, fear and worry, to act and react.

We cannot make the world peaceful, but with everyone attaining certain degrees of purity and peace in oneself, it will manifest more peace and less unrest into the world.

Yoga practice if being practiced sincerely and persistently with correct attitude can allow beings (whether we think we, or other beings are good or evil) to purify the mind, to allow the mind to be free from ignorance and egoism, to transcend birth and death, or the suffering of restless and selfless impermanent changes, by realizing the truth of its own true nature, or realizing the truth of the worldly identification of "I", which doesn't exist at all.

The existence of yoga, its teachings and practice in the world doesn't guarantee peace or liberation to anyone. Just by hearing, reading, memorizing, studying and discussing about yoga, its teachings and practice, also doesn't bring peace and liberation to anyone.

We have to practically practice yoga by applying the teachings of yoga which is eliminating the egoism from our minds in every moment in everyday life, where the perception of names and forms begins, or whenever the mind comes in contact with the objects of names and forms, and having the awareness to stand as a witness towards all these activities in the mind, training the mind not to attach and not to identify with all these perceptions of names and forms, to allow the mind to be free from restlessness, being unaffected, undisturbed, uninfluenced and undetermined by all these perceptions of names and forms, and thus allowing the mind to be able to perceive the truth of everything as it is, not being influenced or contaminated by impurities and ignorance. If the mind is still under the influence of egoism and ignorance, then whatever the mind perceives through the senses will be contaminated by impurities that derived from egoism and ignorance. This hinders the mind to perceive or realize the truth of things as they are.

It is through our own effort and realization of the truth by letting go of egoism and ignorance (the attachment towards the qualities of names and forms) that will bring peace and liberation to the mind.

There is no "I" existing, nor "I am" experiencing happiness or suffering.

It is just the body and mind existing, functioning, perceiving, acting and reacting.

If "I" exists, then "I" should be the master of "myself" (who "I" think "I am"), as well as being the master of this body and mind which allows "I" to be experiencing all these names and forms. They should belong to "I", and they should be in my control on how "I" want them to be. But, this body and this mind is not in the control of "I" at all, as they don't belong to "I" who "I" think "I am existing". Every moment this body and mind is subject to selflessness and impermanence, changing and reacting selflessly, unceasingly. The existence and the function of the body and mind is solely dependent on energy and elements of fire, water, wind, earth and space to be existing and functioning. Without all these supports, there is no life, there is no body, there is no mind, there is no thinking. There's no perception of names and forms, no thinking, no acting and reacting. The "I", or the mind, that perceives, thinks, feels, acts and reacts, is just part of the thinking process of the selfless impermanent function of the mind. There is no existence of who "I" think "I am".

This "I" whom "I" think is existing as who "I" am, who is somebody or an individual that has an identity equipped with certain qualities of names and forms, personality, nationality, ethnicity, culture, gender, age, thinking, beliefs and behavior, who perceives "I" is an individual who is different and separated from other beings, who is either superior or inferior than other beings, who "I" think "I" am the one that thinks, feels, expresses, acts and reacts, enjoys and suffers, is just the mind being functioning powered by energy and elements, influenced by the nature's law of cause and effect, governed by the truth of impermanence and selflessness.

This body and mind will stop functioning and stop existing at its own causation, time and space. "I" who "I" think "I am existing" has no control at all towards the existence and non-existence of this body and mind. As even when the mind "decides" to "kill" itself, and the body stops functioning, that is also the causation for the body and mind to be stop existing according to cause and effect. "I", who think "I am existing", who should be "the master of myself and my body and mind", doesn't have anything to do with this causation for both the existence and non-existence (Or birth and death) of this body and mind.

Practice yoga, not just about getting some physical, mental and emotional benefits for the body and mind from performing the yoga practice, but practice the means of yoga about transcending egoism and ignorance. When the mind is free from egoism and ignorance, and is at peace, there is less a being contributing unrest or unpeacefulness into the world. That is a huge contribution to world peace.

Just by attaining some physical, mental and emotional benefits from regular yoga practice, feeling good about oneself by achieving the qualities that the mind likes and not coming in contact with the qualities that the mind doesn't like, doesn't guarantee peace and liberation for the mind, to be free from suffering that derived from egoism and ignorance.

For example, when we think we are happy because our physical body is having certain qualities that we like, and we will be unhappy when our body is having certain qualities that we don't like, then we don't really know how to love ourselves, as when we are over-powered by intense "love" towards the qualities of this physical body, we actually love our self-image that built on the identification with the qualities of the physical body, but we don't really love our physical body as it is. It's because if we have the desire of "aspiring" to have certain good condition and good looking physical body the way that we like it to be, and we have aversion towards certain qualities or conditions of the physical body that we don't like, we would be doing more harm to the body, as this desire of craving and aversion will generate unnecessary tension into the body system, or even worst, if we feed the body with some unnatural "stuffs" internally and externally, and straining the body by performing some over-loading physical activities, to achieve certain results that we want, or trying to make the physical condition and appearance to be the way that we like it to be.

If our mind is being influenced by egoism and ignorance, and has strong attachment and identification towards its own perceptions, points of view, thinking and beliefs, it will constantly react with dissatisfaction, disappointment, fear, anger and resentment towards names and forms that it doesn't like and disagrees with, based on its own perceptions, points of view, thinking and beliefs.

By reacting towards what our minds believe as "bad" and "evil" happenings in the world with anger and hatred, and act/react out of anger and hatred, cannot make the world to become peaceful, but will only generating more reactions of anger and hatred in the world. Unconditional love or selfless compassion is the means for world peace, by having peace in oneself when we realize selfless compassion, which is the true nature of all living beings and non-living objects.
The essence of 'impermanent existence of selfless names and forms' is compassion. Without compassion, nothing exist.

Discrimination of the real and the unreal (the presence of wisdom, or knowing the truth as it is, or the absence of ignorance) brings non-discrimination towards the different qualities of names and forms of what our minds believe and judge as "good and bad", "positive and negative", "happiness and suffering", "right and wrong", "meaningful and meaningless". Compassion is the nature of everything, but it's ignorant to the mind due to the veil of ignorance. It will be unveiled upon the realization of non-duality, non-separateness, attributelessness, namelessness, formlessness. And this is liberation, being free from attachment, identification and the desire of craving and aversion towards what the minds believe and judge as "good and bad", "positive and negative", "happiness and suffering", "right and wrong", "meaningful and meaningless", upon the realization of Selflessness or Compassion.

Om shanti.

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