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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Want to practice yoga? (11)

This is a basic yoga practice.

Let go of the attachment towards particular thinking and belief even if we think it's all good and right. Let go of expectation towards others that everyone should think and behave the way that we think it should be - "This is good, this is right, everyone should follow this, do this and be like this."

Or else, we would feel disturbed, upset, angry, unhappy and disappointed when we come in contact with other human beings who don't think and behave the way that we think all human beings should think and behave, or they don't do what we think is good and right, and they do what we think is bad and wrong. There's nothing wrong with this type of reaction, as most people would react in such way, but then know that we are not practicing yoga at all, even though we think we love yoga and like to do some yoga practice regularly.

When majority people are having the similar type of thinking, or beliefs, or behavior, it doesn't mean that this type of thinking, beliefs or behavior is 'right'. When majority people disagree with certain type of thinking, beliefs or behavior, it doesn't mean that this type of thinking, beliefs or behavior is 'wrong'.

It’s okay when other people think, believe and behave differently from us. It’s everyone’s freedom, even when people don’t like or disallow others to be free for being what they are.

How could we fight for freedom of action and speech when we couldn't allow other people to disagree with us, or behave the way that they behave, or being different from us?

That's also why yoga is nothing to do with politics, activism, criticism, or fighting for certain rights and recognition. Though there's nothing wrong with people getting involve in politics, activism, criticism and fighting for certain rights and recognition.

Yoga is not about trying to save the world, or change the world or other people to be what we think it should be, but it's self-evolution to free one's mind from ignorance and egoism, and thus be free from suffering, which has nothing to do with the qualities of names and forms, or the good and bad experiences and condition of life in the world. If people believe in saving the world, or changing the world or other people to be what they think it should be, that's their freedom and nothing wrong with that.

It's being free from egoistic attachment and identification with any qualities of names and forms to be who 'I' am that looking forward to be supported, recognized and acknowledged by other human beings or certain community. There's no need to fight for anything when one's mind is free from ignorance and egoism. One retreats from the worldly affairs that are the games of impure minds under the influence of ignorance and egoism.

It's okay if people dislike or disagree with the yoga practice of non-attachment and renunciation. It's okay if people who think they are practicing yoga, but they are not really practicing yoga. It's okay if people change the yoga practice to be something that they would like it to be. Let them be. We just look after or watch out our own minds and our yoga practice.

Though we can share the knowledge of yoga with others, but one's yoga practice and the fruit of one's practice is not something that can be shared, not even with our teachers, students, soulmate, parents, children, spouse, yoga partner, life companion, friends and etc.

In the beginning, a group of people get together to learn and practice yoga, but sooner or later, everyone will retreat to one's own practice, path and journey. Some people may cross path at one point. People may stay or move together in the same pace for some time, but then sooner or later, everyone will go their own way at their own pace.

One of the many obstacles in the path of yoga is distractions and influences from others, including those who practice yoga and don't practice yoga. And hence, partial or complete solitude and seclusion is very important for a yoga enthusiast who determines to be free from ignorance and suffering. For those who are passionate about worldly life, worldly activities and objects of names and forms, but they love to do some yoga practice to attain some benefits, then solitude and seclusion is unnecessary to them.

Just like there are people (whether yoga practitioners or non-yoga practitioners) who like to get stoned, or high, or chill out from the momentary effects of taking some substances, they have the freedom to do what they want to do with their minds, their bodies and their life existence, but that is not what yoga is about.

If people find that getting stoned from time to time is the meaning of life, that's their freedom. Life can be too hard and people need to have that few moments of 'being away' from hardships, or else their minds couldn't take it and would breakdown eventually. But, yoga practice allows people to realize unconditional peace without the influence of any substances, provided these yoga practitioners are really practicing yoga of non-attachment and renunciation, and hence they don't need to take any substances to unwind, or to relax, or to escape from unhappiness, as there's none. Or else, those who think they like to practice yoga, but they still need to rely on taking substances to unwind, or to relax, or to escape from unhappiness, because there is so much tension and unhappiness built up from time to time due to ignorance, egoism, attachment, identification, craving, aversion and all sorts of impurities. Some yoga practitioners might even think that a group of people hangout together to get stoned is what sharing love and peace is about, that's their freedom of thinking and action, but that is not what yoga or sharing love and peace is about.

Om shanti.

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