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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Defensiveness and offensiveness coming from the egoism...

'I felt you were very contradicting with what you said in the class this morning. You said about non-judgment, but you kept judging me by telling me "Do your best." and "Don't give up easily." I felt it was very confusing.'

'Nobody judged you. You felt being judged. Nobody said you were not doing your best. Nobody said you were not good enough. The teacher was just giving encouragement to everyone in the class to support their practice. Your ego felt offended as you thought the teacher were personally pointing at you, and saying that you were not doing your best or you were not good enough. Your ego reacted and felt you were being judged, and the ego didn't like it and got upset about it. If the teacher didn't give any encouragement in the class, your ego might also be offended and upset, thinking that the teacher were not being encouraging nor supportive enough. There's nothing wrong with your ego reacted in such way. Just that when your ego is strong, you will be easily offended by anyone or anything out of sensitivity towards other people's actions and speech even though other people have no intention at all to judge you, or to offend you. You will not be peaceful and always unhappy about something. If you are able to let go of your ego, then you won't be easily offended by anyone or anything even when other people intentionally want to judge or to offend you. You will have peace and be happy always.'

In the same yoga class, hearing the same teachings and doing the same practice, everybody reacts differently coming from the egoistic mind.

Yoga practice is here to allow us to look at our own mind, to know about this egoistic mind and its modification, and to develop non-attachment and non-identification with the egoistic mind, and be aware of the reactions coming from our egoistic mind, and learn to let go of egoism, by letting go craving and aversion towards what the ego likes and dislikes, agrees and disagrees with.

Some people feel very glad to practice letting go of the egoism, but somebody will be very defensive and have strong aversion about letting go of the egoism. It is your own freedom and choice about what do you want to do with yourself, your life, your mind and your ego.

Be happy.

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