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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy or not, is coming from a trained mind or untrained mind...

Who we really are, or our true nature, doesn't need to practice yoga and meditation, nor to go through any trainings, nor to observe any disciplines.

The one who needs to practice yoga and meditation, or to be trained and to be purified, is the impure mind.

When we are still identifying with the egoistic thinking mind as who we are, we (the egoistic mind) need some sorts of 'training' or 'purification' to be free from egoism and ignorance, and thus be free from the suffering that derives from egoism and ignorance.

When we think 'we' are not happy, it is the mind being 'unhappy'.

When we identified ourselves with the mind, we think it is us who is not happy when the mind is unhappy. When we know how to not identify ourselves with the mind, and learn how to be aware of all the states of the mind, then we will see that it is just the mind being happy or unhappy. The awareness is neither happy nor unhappy.

If the mind is easily being in a state of unhappiness, and usually continues to stay in that state of unhappiness for quite some time, and it is unable to let go of attachment towards the perceptions of names and forms, then this indicates that the mind is untrained. The untrained mind is easily being affected, or disturbed, or influenced, or determined by the qualities of names and forms that the mind perceives through the senses. The untrained mind reacts in a habitual way towards what it likes and dislikes, agrees and disagrees with, constantly influenced by the craving and aversion from the egoism, and thus arise happy or unhappy feelings.

If the mind is well-trained, the mind won't easily being in a state of unhappiness, or the state of unhappiness doesn't last long. The well-trained mind will not easily react towards the perceptions of names and forms, and thus will not easily be affected, nor disturbed, nor influenced, nor determined by the qualities of names and forms that the mind perceives through the senses. Even if sometimes the trained mind generates attachment towards the perception of names and forms, and reacts towards them, and experiences the state of unhappiness, but the trained mind can easily free itself from this state of unhappiness, as it is able to let go of attachment towards the perceptions of names and forms quickly.

A well-trained mind has been developing a strong foundation of introspection, patience, perseverance, determination, will-power, forbearance, acceptance, tolerance, adjustment, adaptation, accommodation, forgiveness, cheerfulness, calmness, clarity, self-control, self-discipline, concentration, attentiveness, contentment, generosity, non-attachment, detachment, non-judgment, non-comparison, and non-expectation.

A well-trained mind has developed the power of letting go of any impurities, craving and aversion, the state of disturbance, or unrest, or suffering that arise in the mind due to the reaction of the mind towards the perceptions of names and forms.

A well-trained mind is free from the influence of the selfish egoism and the conditional intellectual thinking and beliefs, likes and dislikes, agreements and disagreements, craving and aversion, and be free from impurities like anger, hatred, jealousy, greed, dissatisfaction, disappointment, feelings of hurts, pride, arrogance, agitation, depression, fear and worry.

An untrained mind attached to the qualities of names and forms to be 'somebody', or to be 'who we think we are', or 'what we want ourselves to be'.

And all these trainings in the mind are not determined by the physical conditions and abilities, the physical fitness, strength and flexibility, nor how much or what type of worldly knowledge, education level, social status, personalities, spoken languages, social interactions, personal relationships, skills of living, talents or cultural beliefs that we have. But the mind can make use of all these life experiences for itself to be trained to free from being determined by all these impermanent qualities of names and forms, and not being conditioned by all these life experiences.

The well-trained mind is not determined by all the qualities of names and forms that the body and mind possessed and not possessed. It is free from the state of unhappiness that derives from craving and aversion. It maintains a certain level of calmness and clarity under any circumstances. It might loose its balance once in a while, but very fast it will be on track again. As everything is impermanent, except our true nature, which is beyond all the impermanent qualities of names and forms, or beyond the existence and functions of the body and the mind.

Om shanti.

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