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Friday, November 20, 2009

About The Meaning Of Life

Most human beings need to have a particular meaning of life existence, or else they would feel meaningless and lack of motivation for anything.
While some people believe that life doesn't need to have any particular meaning, or life existence itself is meaningless, as all and everything are subject to impermanence and selflessness. Everyone is born to die sooner or later and is bound to suffer more or less in between birth and death. One might find some momentary meaning to motivate oneself while being living in this world, and enjoy while it's available and possible, so that one can keep going in life under any challenges and difficulties.
For those who have realized selflessness, there's neither meaningful nor meaningless about life existence. Life existence is just what it is. They don't need to have a meaning of life to motivate them for anything. Neither will they be affected or determined by any challenges or difficulties in life.
For most people who think and believe that they need to have a meaning of life, they might say the meaning of life existence is love, or more precisely, unconditional non-discriminative universal compassionate love, is the one thing that we all are learning in this life existence. Unconditional non-discriminative universal compassionate love is the basis of everything. If we don't know what is love and how to love, we would be hurting ourselves and others whom we think we love very much if we don't know what is non-possessive unconditional non-discriminative universal compassionate love.

This compassionate love that is without egoistic attachment, identification, possession, judgment and expectation will bring happiness, peace and joy to ourselves and other beings. Selfish passionate love, or conditional discriminative love, or lustful possessive love, that  is conditioned by attachment and identification towards names and forms, likes and dislikes, judgment and expectation, will bring unhappiness, dissatisfaction, disappointment, hurt and suffering to ourselves and to the people whom we love or whom we want them to love us.

When the love is pure, there is no dissatisfaction, disappointment, hurt or unhappiness. We are love itself when we know what is compassionate love and we don’t need to ask for love from some others or crave for being loved by some others. We know that we are not separated from all and everything (compassion love is not limited only in human relationships) and this unconditional love is free from lust, possessiveness and selfishness. There is no need to detach from this compassion, because there is no attachment at all in compassionate love. Just selfless pure loving kindness, without selfishness, anger, hatred, lust, jealousy, greed, likes and dislikes, fears and worries.

This compassionate love is part of us, it is not separated from everyone and everything, it is not something that we gained, or received, or accumulated from outside. It is unlimited and inexhaustible from within. Just like our hands and feet, they are part of our body and are not separated from the body. We don’t need to detach our hands and feet from the body to be free from doing bad actions or going to bad places.

It is the wisdom and compassion in us that allow us to have self-control over our body and our actions and speech, and not doing anything that will harm ourselves or other beings. We don’t need to stop doing good when we say “detaching from the fruit of doing something good”. But it is the inner detachment where there's no expectation or craving towards the fruit of actions has to be in certain way that we think it's good deserving when we do something good, but allowing the fruit of action to be there as it is, even if it's not as good as we would like it to be, which gives us the true freedom and unlimited love to love ourselves and others unconditionally, without getting tired or frustrated when everything “goes wrong” or things are not being the way that we would like it to be.

Love and peace to all when we love selflessly and compassionately. But it will be “love” and hate to all when we love selfishly and passionately.

Thanks to all the compassionate beings for propagating this unconditional non-discriminative universal love in this world.

All religions talk about love. Everyone thinks and believes that they need love. Everyone is looking for love and to receive love from some others. Or else they feel that life is empty or meaningless. But when we realize that selfless unconditional compassionate love is always within ourselves and not by looking or getting from outside ourselves, then we will know that we are love itself and we are never lonely even though we are being with oneself alone. Because we are no longer perceiving ourselves being separated from anything else in this worldly life existence. Our nature, void of ignorance and egoism, is not different from the sun, the space, the air, the water, the earth, the trees, the flowers, the grass, the insects, the animals, and all living beings. Everything exists to be supporting one another to be existing.
It's ignorance and egoism in us that generates separation between us and all and everything, where we perceive loneliness, separateness, and longing to be receiving love from some others, to feel love, joy, good and meaningful.

May all beings be free.

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