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Thursday, November 12, 2009

About Karma

Not everyone will believe in Karma. It is fine, because everyone are free to have their own faiths and beliefs. We should respect that not everyone will believe in what we believe. We cannot force anyone to believe in something that they don’t believe in.

To know the Truth, it is not by reading books and philosophies, and it is not because the scriptures say so or our teacher says so. It should be from our own insight or experience that we see the Truth as it is, then it is the real Truth.

For example, maybe we don’t really know what will happen to us after the death of this physical body but we have heard that Buddhas and Yogis – the enlightened Self, talked about reincarnation for many lifetimes in many different names and forms happened accordingly to different Karma and intentions that we all had created for ourselves in the past and from the present moment. Due to ignorance, there are many things that we don’t know but we have had heard lots of different types of talking about them. And we cannot say that it is true or untrue because we are ignorant about it. But if we have found out the Truth through our own practice, meditation insights and self-realization, then we can say that it is true or untrue. Even though an enlightened Being told us all about the Truth, we still have to find it out ourselves through self-realization.

Yoga and Buddhism teach us about the law of Karma – cause and effect which is the main force that is forming our life, our personality and our worldly life’s experiences through our past accumulated Karma according to our past intentions, thoughts, actions and speech. And our present intentions, thoughts, actions and speech will form the Karma that will determine our future lives, personality and life experiences. Good and positive Karma will bring good and positive experiences while bad and negative Karma will bring bad and negative experiences.

From the surface, we are not free because we are bound by this law of Karma. But it is not really like that. It is because we can see that it is our own self that is creating the Karma for ourselves.If we do good, we will create good Karma. If we do bad, we will create bad Karma. So, if we want to have good life and happiness in life, we can actually work on our intentions, thoughts, actions and speech to create the type of future life that we want.

But Yoga and Buddhism teachings do not stop at this level.

They teach us how to transcends Karma through selflessness, purity and renounce from the fruit of actions.

Yoga and Buddhism teach us to go beyond good and bad Karma, detachment from duality, and to go beyond all names and forms. They teach us that we don’t need to runaway from suffering or to crave for happiness. They teach us to go beyond suffering and happiness, and to regain our eternal bliss, unlimited wisdom and unconditioned existence.

May we all transcends both good and bad Karma and be really free.

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