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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Video - Kakasan to Sirshasan (step by step practice)

This is the step by step practice for Kakasan and Sirshasan and some gradual transitions from Kakasan to Sirshasan. I will upload another version with simple instructions later on.

The key instructions are focus, concentration, letting go and non-attachment. It is not so much about physical ability to perform the exercises. It is also very important to take enough rest in between each exercise and after the exercises. And never over exert ourselves nor try to force our body to go beyond its limitations.

Yoga is not about challenging the physical body to go beyond its limitation but to practice according to the condition and capability of our body in the present moment now, and allow improvement to happen gradually and naturally... The exercises are there to help us to purify and balance the energy fields and thus the mind.

All these exercises are there to help us to develop concentration and non-attachment, and to stimulate, purify, balance, conserve and channel the energy field and energy centres in our body to remove impurities or ignorance in the mind, for realization of peace and compassion. It is not important if our body are not ready to perform certain exercises or yoga poses, or our body cannot perform certain exercises or yoga poses due to physical limitations or injuries, as peace and compassion is nothing to do with our physical condition and ability to perform the exercises. Peace and compassion does not come from whether our physical body is strong and flexible or not, but it is the practice of non-attachment and letting go of the ego that will allow us to realize peace and compassion...

Be happy.

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