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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

About Gossip And Criticism...

The path of yoga is love, peace, compassion and wisdom.

If we have love and peace in our heart, if we have compassion and wisdom, we will not indulge in meaningless chatting involving gossips and criticism.

It is when there is anger, hatred, frustration, dissatisfaction and disappointment, the ego wants to express its disagreement and frustration through speech and action. If there's an identification towards the ego and attachment toward the mind's activities, we will want to express all these disagreement and frustration through gossiping and criticizing. This might give a momentary satisfaction to the ego to feel better and to feel good about itself by criticizing other people's imperfection and weakness, which might "show" that we are somehow smarter, stronger and better than the people that we are criticizing.

A person who is humble, confident and content will not criticize other people even though in truth, this person is much wiser and better than the other people. Nobody should criticize anybody because we all are imperfect, and we all are subject to impermanence and changes.

By gossiping and criticizing about this and that will not help the world to become better, but it will generate more negative energy into ourselves and into the surrounding people and environment, creating more tensions and hatred among people.

The path of yoga teaches us to move away from egoistic gossiping and criticism and not indulging in these activities which will generate more unrest, tension and hatred in ourselves and other people.

The mind will get agitated and stimulated by gossiping and criticism and this will make the path of mind control much harder.

That's why for people who want to get serious in the path of yoga and meditation, they will go into seclusion, refrain from any contact or communication with the worldly people, and observe complete silence to restrict the activities and stimulation of the mind, and to reduce the excessive unnecessary inputs from the senses of sight, sound, smell, taste, touch and think. This will help to quiet the mind and stilling the thought waves for meditation and self-inquiry.

When the mind is free from agitation and stimulation; free from impurities of anger, hatred, jealousy, greed, lustful desire, craving, aversion, fear, worry, frustration, irritation, anxiety, disappointment, dissatisfaction and depression; and the mind is free from intention, judgment, comparison and expectation; free from debate, conflicts, criticism and argument, and with the calm mind, it will see the truth of things and know what we really are, of what the mind thinks and believes is 'I'.

Wisdom will arise when the mind is calm and still.
When there is presence of wisdom, we will not be disturbed or affected by the worldly activities and surrounding people and environment anymore. It doesn't matter if we are in the world or out of the world, it won't change what we think we are, which is selfless, and the wisdom and compassion is still the same wisdom and compassion.

Gossiping and criticizing about other people bad behaviors or ignorance will not stop these people from behave what they are behaving and do what they are doing. This will only put us in the same ignorance level as these people that we want to criticize. When we criticize other people who we think they are bad, then we ourselves are not any different from them at all.

The path of yoga is being aware of what is right and wrong, what is good and bad, but without attachment, without craving and aversion. And not being disturbed or affected by all the wrong doings and bad happenings in the world. With this non-attachment, we are able to transform negativity into constructive energy to perform appropriate actions to help to improve the bad situation in the world and to help other beings to become wiser and happier, by disseminating Dhamma and ignite awareness or reflection in the minds under the influence of ignorance, and to help make everything better, without frustration, anger, hatred, disappointment, fear and worry.
Dissemination of Dhamma and igniting awareness into the world of ignorance and egoism, by pointing out certain corruptions and ignorance that are existing in the world without discrimination or selfish intention, is not the same as worldly social interactions and conversations and discussions that involved the element of gossips and criticism deriving from subjective agreement and disagreement based on particular passionate egoistic thinking, belief, values and practice about right and wrong, or good and bad.

Only through loving kindness, compassion, wisdom, non-attachment and forgiveness, we can perform all the actions that need to be done for the well-being for ourselves and for the world, without getting disturbed or affected by the happenings in the world.

Out of selfless compassion, we perform all actions for ourselves and for other beings without intention and expectation. And thus we will be free from tensions, stress, fear, worry, frustration and disappointment.

We cannot stop ignorance and hatred by provoking anger and hatred in ourselves and in other people's mind. What is our intention behind all these gossips and criticism about somebody in front of some other people? What benefits are we going to get from gossiping and criticizing? Are we helping the world to become better by gossiping and criticizing? Or is it just to satisfy our own big ego to feel more superior than other people?

Discussion about some other people's wrong doings and behavior is nothing wrong, if we can develop awareness and learn something from that discussion. But if we are caught up in the uncontrolled heated discussion about "this is bad" and "this is wrong", and generate negativity, anger and hatred in ourselves and in other people who are involving in the discussion, then this won't help ourselves to become better or to help the people who we are criticizing to become better.

Quiet and calm down our own mind, everything will take care by itself.

Don't be upset and worry so much for what we think and believe are other people's wrong doings and ignorance. The nature's law of cause and effect will take care of everything.

Om shanti.

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