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Monday, February 8, 2010

About Simplicity

Simplicity comes along with contentment, humility, gratitude and appreciation. When we are endowed with such qualities in us, life is definitely happier even though it might not be easy. Life can be not as easy as how we would like it to be, but our mind can be happy, if we want.

For people who find that any philosophies of yoga and Buddhism is too complicated and difficult to understand or to practice in life, know that we just need to be simple. We simplify everything that seems to be complicated, and from simplification of things will eventually lead to zero problem in everything. We don’t see any problems in things anymore, even though things can be unpleasant or difficult.

For example, many people couldn’t grasp what is the attributeless Self, namelessness and formlessness, non-self and who we really are of what is the 'I' that we think and believe as "This is I". If we can’t understand these few things, we can’t really know how to not attach towards things, impermanent changes, our life existence, our bodies and the mind. It is also very difficult for us to accept everything as it is without any judgments, comparisons, criticism and expectations. We also don’t know how to not having likes and dislikes towards everything that we come in contact with and perceived through our senses. Because we will be attached strongly towards this physical body, its functions, conditions, abilities, disabilities and life experiences, and identify ourselves with it and thinking that this is who we are and whatever related to this physical body and its life is what we are. We attached strongly towards “our” mind, “our” senses, “our” thoughts and “our” feelings. We will also attach strongly towards “our” wealth, properties, health, ability, appearance, self-image, individual identification, pride and arrogance, knowledge, experiences, social status, achievements, culture, relationships, and what we like and dislike, agree and disagree with.

We will also attach towards all the “ideas” that are being planted deep into our minds from “somebody” and “somewhere” and “who knows where it really comes from”, that telling us life should be like this or like that, and we should or shouldn't be behaving in such and such way. And if we don’t comply to those ideas, we will be defined by the people who live life according to these ideas as weird, crazy, sinful and bad.

It is very difficult for us to understand the terms “we are not this body” and “we are not this mind”, and to let go all these attachments that we already have since we were small and still continue to create and accumulate more and more new attachments into our lives, and it’s very difficult for us to stop believe that this is what we are and life should be like this.

To simplify this philosophy of finding out who we really are or what is 'I', we just need to know what we are not. We might be temporary being this and that, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes positive, sometimes negative, sometimes healthy, sometimes sick, from a baby to a young person to an old person to a dead body. But what is beyond this momentary appearances or transitory conditions of the body and the mind, is something that is unchangeable and eternal.

So, if anyone wants to know who we really are, or what is this 'I', and still couldn’t find a true identity of ourselves, and start to give up searching or else we will become mad and lost our mind, then try to look at the other option – not searching for who we are, but searching for who we are not. Very soon our minds will be wide opened and we can understand many things that we couldn’t understand in the past.

Apply this “the other option” philosophy in other things that we couldn’t solve the problems. We might find out the right answer to our long time stubborn problems that have been bothering us in our mind and in our life.

The more simple we are, the less problems we will have, or the problems will resolve by themselves once we let go of them. When there is no problem, what is doubt, fear and worry?

May all beings be happy.

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