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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Seeking for love, attention, support, agreement, companionship, interactions, authority, name and fame?

Seeking for love, attention, support, agreement, companionship, interactions, success, authority, name and fame from the world of the mind perception of names and forms, is the play of the ego.

All these desires derived from egoism, to get rid of the perceptions or feelings of emptiness, meaninglessness, deficiency, loneliness and dissatisfaction.

Get rid of the ego, be free from egoism, realize selflessness, and all these longing and craving will disappear.

The one and only 'problem' that we 'have' if we think we have problems in this life existence, is the ego and egoism.

Once the ego is eliminated, actions are being performed without the influence of craving and aversion, selfish intention, desire and expectation of wants and don't wants, nor being determined by the result of actions.

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