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Saturday, February 1, 2014

May your / our wishes come true?

On certain occasions or celebration days, such like birthday or new year, it's very common that we'll wish somebody or ourselves that "May all your/our wishes come true..."

Wishes (desires or goals) that are under the influence of an impure mind that is not completely be free from egoism, ignorance and impurities can be harmful. As in the process of making the wishes come true, as well as the end result might generate consequences that will hurt ourselves and others.

Be humble, especially when we think we are pure (enough), or we think we are humble (enough), or we think we are somehow purer than some other beings, or we think we are evolving on a higher level of consciousness than others... As if we are truly be free from egoism, there's nobody being there to be identifying with such different qualities of names and forms. As well as there's no criticism towards those whom we think they are inferior or less pure than us. There's no judgment nor comparison.

Om shanti.

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