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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Be open-minded, not to be limited by any particular thinking and belief

Most of the 'unnecessary problems' in the world, of fear, animosity, hostility, discrimination, prejudice, racism, hatred, unjust, bullying, invasion, intrusion, condemn, unrest, violence, oppression, clashes, conflicts, killings, wars, and etc, is due to most minds are limited by a particular thinking and belief that influence one's judgment towards everything, way of life, way of doing things, behavior, action and reaction. It's not because there are many different kinds of thinking and belief that create the sense of separateness that is responsible for the 'problems' in the world. It's not that there will be no more 'problems' in the world if all minds have one same thinking and belief.

The sense of separateness is coming from the mind itself due to ignorance and egoism, it's not coming from the different qualities of names and forms. The minds that are free from ignorance and egoism are free from the sense of separateness even though the minds perceive all the names and forms that are different from one another.

The different kinds of thinking and belief are just what they are. They are neither good nor bad. It doesn't matter there is only one type of thinking and belief exists in the world, or there are many types of thinking and belief co-exist in the world, they are not the 'problem'.

Some people try to convert or reform everyone in their society or in the world to have only one uniform of thinking and belief to solve 'problems' in their society or in the world. It doesn't help, as even under the same family, the same culture, the same religion, the same society, the same race, the same nationality, or the same political party, there will always be different opinions/points of view/likes and dislikes/agreements and disagreements that generate conflicts/discrimination/bullying/oppression/unrest/tension among one another due to ignorance and egoism of pride and arrogance, superiority and defensiveness towards 'I'.

Even children would hurt their own parents, and vice versa, or lovers/spouse/siblings will hurt each other either intentionally or unintentionally due to ignorance and egoism. Out of ignorance, there are painful consequences onto oneself and others derived from actions being performed under the influence of passionate lustful desires, intoxicants and drugs abuse, mischievous and destructive urge, survival instinct, fear, greed, dissatisfaction, disappointment, anger, jealousy, hurts, irritation, agitation, obsession, possessiveness, pride, boredom, mental illness, ill-will and ill-thinking, and all sorts of impurities.

The 'problem' is ignorance and egoism, regardless of what type of thinking and belief/disbelief.

It's when the mind attached onto and identified with any particular thinking and belief and certain qualities of names and forms as 'I' or 'my family/community/race/culture/nation/religion', and generates pride and arrogance, superiority and defensiveness towards the attachment and identification towards such thinking and belief and qualities of names and forms to judge and condemn and interfere with others whom are different from oneself, whom one dislikes and disagrees with, based on one's particular thinking and belief, that's where all the problems begin.

It's not about not thinking in certain ways or not believe in anything. Autonomously, the mind will be thinking in certain ways and believing/disbelieving in certain things. And it's fine, as long as there's no attachment or identification, the sense of pride and arrogance, superiority and defensiveness towards that particular way of thinking and the belief and disbelief about certain things in the mind. This mind won't be offended/threatened/intimidated by any other kinds of thinking and belief that are different from it's thinking and what it believes or disbelieves.

It's about being open-minded, unattached towards any particular thinking and belief to be identifying as 'I', and see things as they are, without being limited by any particular thinking and belief to judge and interfere with everyone and everything, allowing everyone and everything to be different from one another, to be what they are, as they are, without expecting everyone and everything has to be the way according to any particular kind of thinking and belief/disbelief.

Yoga and meditation practice is about freeing the mind from ignorance and egoism of attachment and identification towards any particular thinking and belief, letting go or be free from being limited or determined by any family/cultural/social/religious/spiritual/racial/national/political thinking and belief, to allow the mind to be opened to see things as they are, be free from judgment and expectation. The mind will also be free from desire of craving and aversion towards what the mind likes and dislikes, agrees with and disagrees with, that are based on particular thinking and belief.

This mind will have peace, regardless of how many kinds of thinking and belief that are different from one another are existing in the world.

More important is that, regardless of all the different kinds of thinking and belief/disbelief, whether the mind believes or disbelieves in 'God', 'spirituality', 'ghost', 'evil spirits', 'angels', 'karma', 'reincarnation', 'heaven and hell', 'black magic', 'astrology', 'auspiciousness/inauspiciousness', and so on, the truth is still the same - The existence and function of the body and mind, and all the names and forms (quality of good or bad) is subject to impermanence and selflessness.

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