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Monday, July 23, 2018

Self-inquiry into the truth of who/what am 'I'

- Inquire the truth of all the names and forms that the mind thinks and believes, and identifies as 'I', such like the life existence, the existence and function of the mind, the states of mind, the thinking/thoughts, the feelings/emotions, the mind perception of names and forms through the senses, the belief, the vision/ambition, the inspiration/aspiration, the self-esteem/confidence, the self-image, the culture, the race, the nationality, the pride, the shame, the 'good' qualities, the 'bad' qualities, the species, the religion, the practice, the behavior, the personality, the family/relatives/friends relationship, the social network, the social status, the titles, the talents, the skills, the learning/education, the knowledge, the qualifications, the memories, the experiences, the career, the energy field/level, the mental health condition, the desires of craving and aversion, the likes and dislikes, the agreements and disagreements, the positive and negative thinking, the standard of right and wrong, the sense of meaningfulness and meaninglessness, the existence and function of the physical body, the physical look/appearance, the different stages of growing and aging, the gender, the sexual orientation, the facial feature, the skin tone and colour, the hair, the body shape, the physical ability and disability/limitation, the physical health condition, the different bodily systems, the clothing and accessories, the life style, the living condition, the interests/hobbies, the food option, the actions and the result of actions, the possessions/belongings, the livelihood, the wealth, the achievements, the contributions, the sacrifices, the expectations, the satisfaction/dissatisfaction, the guilt/regret, the hurts/disappointment, the happiness/unhappiness, the sorrow/grief, and so on.

- If this is 'I', then it should belongs to 'I' and it should be in the control of 'I' about how 'I' would like/want it to be. If it's not in the control of 'I' about how 'I' would like/want it to be, it doesn't belong to 'I', then it's not 'I' or 'mine'.

- Negate what is not 'I'.

- Realize selflessness. There is no 'I'. Just impermanent changes of names and forms, arising and passing away.

Suffering and restlessness exist because of the 'existence' and 'identification' of the ego/'I' in the mind/the thinking. Realize the truth of 'I', there's no suffering or restlessness. Absence of suffering and restlessness is peace. If 'peace' comes from experiencing/perceiving 'good' and 'positive' qualities of names and forms, or due to everything is the way that the thinking would like it to be, then this 'peace' is 'conditional peace' that is impermanent. The real peace derived from knowing the truth of 'I', being free from ignorance and egoism, is unconditional and undetermined by all the life experiences/the mind perceptions of different qualities of names and forms of 'good and bad'/'positive and negative.'

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