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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Peace in silence?

The untrained minds might want to have some 'peace in quietness' once in a while when they feel that they need to be unwind and rejuvenate from restlessness and tiredness derived from over-activities, over-stressed and over-stimulation. But, after a few moments or a few days of 'peace in quietness', the minds want to get back into the daily routine of actions, stimulation and adventure as soon as possible. The minds need some sorts of excitement, stimulation, interaction of inputs and outputs, the sense of accomplishment or achievement, and acknowledgement from others, to feel good and meaningful about life and about themselves of what the minds think and believe as who they are, or who 'I' am.

Some say, people just need to know how to balance between quietness/relaxation and excitement/stimulation. Most minds like to hear this. Many yoga teachers also preach about this - The balance of everything.

"Come for yoga class/yoga retreat and do some yoga exercises when you feel restless/tensed/tired/burn-out and need to be unwind/relaxed/rejuvenate/re-energized from restlessness, tension, over-tiredness, or burn-out."

Though there's nothing bad or wrong with that, yoga practice is more about learning how to free the mind from ignorance and egoism to minimize/reduce/stop generating unnecessary restlessness, tension and exhaustion into the body and mind, so that one doesn't need to be unwind or relaxed at all, than to do some yoga practice once in a while to unwind and relaxed, then generate more tension and tiredness in everyday life, and then come back again for more yoga practice to unwind and relax, repeatedly and ceaselessly.

Most minds don't really like the teachings of yoga about quieting the restless mind to be in silence, to annihilate the modification of the mind completely, not just for a few moments or a few days of quietness to be unwind from restlessness and exhaustion, but then the minds eagerly want to get back into worldly activities of interactions, stimulation and excitement, as the restless egoistic mind can't stand being in quietness for too long. The minds that are used to restlessness and stimulation will feel unease, bored, lonely and meaningless after being in quietness, away from restlessness of physical and mental activities of interactions of inputs and outputs, stimulation and excitement for some time.

There's nothing wrong with that. It's just the common behavior/reaction of the ever restless 'I-ness' mind.

Yoga and meditation practice is training the mind to eventually drop-off the 'I-ness' being immersed in quietness. There's no unease, boredom, loneliness and meaninglessness. And hence, the mind doesn't need to be engaging in any sort of physical or mental activities to get excitement, stimulation, interactions of inputs and outputs, the sense of accomplishment or achievement, and acknowledgement from others, to feel good and meaningful. The 'I'-less/selfless mind rests in peacefulness and quietness, as it is.

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