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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Why is the elimination of the ego can bring us unconditional peace?

When we think we are 'good' people, and get upset and agitated when we hear other people say something 'not good' about us that we disagree with, then we are not really as 'good' as what we think we are.

Yoga practice is there when we need to forbear or withstand any mental, emotional and physical discomforts, pain, sickness, unrest, disturbance, inconvenience, not getting what we want, getting what we don't want, 'insults', 'humiliation', 'attack', 'discrimination', 'hatred', 'injustice', 'disrespectfulness', 'condemn', 'criticism', 'inappreciation', 'ungratefulness', 'obstacles', and whatever our mind recognizes as 'undesirable', 'not good', 'not right', 'bad', 'negative', 'unhappiness', and 'suffering'.

If we are truly 'good', we don't need any recognition, agreement, approval or appreciation from other people to acknowledge us as 'good people'. And the 'good' in us won't be affected nor contaminated by other people's judgment, inappreciation, insults, criticism or condemn.

The one who needs recognition, agreement, approval or appreciation from other people to be acknowledged as 'good people' who have been doing many 'good' actions contributing to the society, and gets upset and unhappy when not getting all these 'reactions' from other people that it wants, is the ego.

Yoga practice is all about eliminating this ego, to realize non-duality, non-separateness, selflessness, compassion, attributelessness, namelessness and formlessness. What else are we practicing in yoga if not eliminating the ego?

We can tell ourselves and others, "I have been practicing yoga and meditation for 40 years everyday, I know yoga and meditation more than you do, who are you to criticize and insult me?"
Well, if we are truly practicing yoga and meditation (disregard how long we have been practicing yoga and mediation, as realization of the truth is not determined by how long we have been practicing yoga and meditation,) we won't have such identification with the qualities of names and forms, and won't have such reaction towards what we see or hear that we disagree with, or what we think is not true and not right.

Those who knows yoga, who are selfless, are not disturbed, nor affected, nor determined by any 'insults' or 'criticism'.

When the ego is eliminated, who is there being insulted by anyone or anything?

Om shanti.

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