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Monday, January 21, 2013

Yoga teachers training course, certifications, yoga teacher and teaching yoga?

If somebody is hungry, do we need to have a "recognized" certificate of "generosity" to share some of our food with this being?

If somebody is in painful sorrow, do we need a "recognized" certificate of "compassion" to share joy and happiness with this being?

If somebody needs a friend, do we need a "recognized" certificate of "friendliness" to be his or her friend?

If somebody wants to learn about yoga from a peaceful, self-controlled, wise and compassionate being, does this compassionate being needs a certificate of "qualified yoga teacher" to share yoga with anyone? Does he or she needs a certificate for him or her to show someone how to bring the mind to be in the present moment, to live in the present moment, and be free from fear and worry?

Do we need a certificate to show other people how to be kind, happy and peaceful? And of course, we have to be kind, happy and peaceful in ourselves if we want to show other people how to be kind, happy and peaceful...

Does a certificate of "qualified peaceful being" coming from attending a "peaceful being training course" will make a person peaceful being? Like wise, will a certificate of "qualified yoga teacher" coming from attending a "yoga teacher training course" make a person yoga teacher?

Some real yogis might not went to a yoga school before nor attended any "yoga classes" before... They don't even call themselves as "yogi". Calling themselves as "yogi" is generating separateness between those who are yogis and those who are not yogis... And Yoga is about oneness or non-separateness beyond names and forms... We see 'God', or the one same nature, in everyone and everything including ourselves... These yogis perform Sadhana or intense yoga practice and meditation day in day out. And where did they learn to perform these Sadhana from? Most probably it was from some other experienced yogis who don't possess a certificate nor do they issue any certificates to those who learn from them... They observe their mind every moment, and have self-control over their thoughts, actions and speech. They observe silence of mind, physical body and the speech organ... There's no identification with the body and mind, not to say, the actions and the fruit of actions. They are working on eliminating the ego, desires, attachments, craving and aversion, to be free from ignorance, which is not something what we see in "yoga classes" nowadays, doing one hour of yoga poses or exercises or sun salutation, and claiming that "I am a yogi and I am practicing yoga..." While the person who is leading the "yoga classes" claiming that "I am a yoga teacher and I am teaching yoga..."

Did the selfless or egoless saints and sages in the past possessed and carried at least one or many "certificate(s)" issued and recognized by such and such organizations to certified that they were selfless and for them to be qualified to teach other people towards selflessness?

Obviously those who are free from the ego do not need certificates nor have a certificate at all. And these are the real yogis who will be sharing the path of "yoga" with those who are looking for "yoga"...

The term and purpose of "yoga teachers training course" is more about learning how to become our own teacher, and it's not about teaching other people... Teaching other people will come naturally when we realize the inner teacher within us and became our own teacher... Of course there's nothing wrong also if we haven't realized what is yoga, but we teach "yoga" to other people according to the books and what we have been trained on how to teach a yoga class, from attending yoga teachers training courses. But this doesn't make us yoga teachers...

Yoga schools or yoga courses allow people to practice yoga to become their own teacher. And when they realized the greatest teacher within themselves, and realized oneness or non-separateness through the realization towards selflessness or egolessness, attributelessness, namelessness and formlessness, free from ignorance and impurities, free from craving and aversion, free from duality, then naturally they can share their direct experience with other beings on how to find this inner teacher, or they'll know how to guide other beings on how to be free as well... They don't need to be "trained" to be "yoga teachers". They don't need the name or title of "yoga teachers". Certainly they don't need to possess any "certifications"... Then what is this certificate of "qualified yoga teacher" issued and recognized by such and such organization and affiliation all about?

What is yoga or compassion, if yoga is being restricted and conditioned by names and forms, terms and regulations, and separateness that comes from "you are qualified" and "you are not qualified"?

What happen to those who are not physically fit enough to perform any asana exercises or meditation postures, or unable to attend yoga teachers training courses due to certain reasons, but they have pure and tranquil mind? They are free from craving and aversion. They are wise and compassionate. They are free from suffering. Are they not allowed to share the wisdom of transcending suffering with other people just because they didn't attend any yoga teachers training courses to attain a "recognized" certificate? Or they can teach, but not with the name of "yoga", as it is being restricted and conditioned about one must have a "recognized" certificate to teach "yoga"... What a pity...

Buddha, who was the enlightened one, did he carry a certificate issued by such and such organizations affiliated to such and such affiliations with him to qualified him to propagate the teachings of how to transcend suffering?

If somebody says, "Hey! You don't have a recognized qualification or certificate issued by such and such organizations, you are not qualified nor allowed to teach yoga..." Sorry, this doesn't mean anything... Maybe for those who teach yoga asana exercises as fitness classes, then they might be restricted by the fitness industries regulations. But yoga is not a physical fitness exercises. Maybe some people only see "yoga" as a form of physical exercises for fitness, but that is what they perceive and what they want to believe, it is not what yoga is about...

If somebody who are not sure about what is yoga and try to teach "yoga" to other people, it's okay, because one day this being might realize what is yoga from his/her sincere enthusiasm to teach yoga... Everyone is "liberated being" when ignorance vanished... Everyone is "liberation teacher" when they share the path of liberation with those who want to be free from ignorance... It doesn't matter if it is in the form of "Yoga" or "Buddhism" or "Taoism" or "Hinduism" or "Christianity" and so on, or it's nameless and formless... It doesn't matter if they call themselves "yoga teachers" or some other names, or not...

Anyone or anything is our yoga teacher when it allows us to see ourselves, to know ourselves, to know our own mind and the ego, to see the ignorance in us, and helping us to be free from ignorance...

Yoga teachers are not limited to those who have attended yoga teachers training courses and have "recognized" certificates, and are teaching some yoga practices to other people...

Om shanti.

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