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Monday, September 30, 2013

To challenge others, or be challenged by others is part of the play of the ego

Those who are free from egoism and ignorance are not affected, nor determined, nor be challenged by anyone through their action and reaction derived from egoism and ignorance. Nor will they have any intention or desires to challenge anyone for anything.

If we try to show or to prove that we are right or we are fearless by accepting other people's challenge to be doing something that ourselves don't desire to do, then it clearly means that this is coming from the reaction of the ego feels that it is being challenged and doesn't want to be judged by others as 'coward' or 'weak' if we don't accept the challenge. We are not really fearless if we accept other people's challenge to prove that we are right and fearless, as we have fear of being judged or denigrated by others if we do not accept their challenge.

Such like accepting somebody's challenge to do something that will hurt ourselves, or will hurt another being physically or mentally, to show that we are free from fear of doing such actions, is not what fearlessness is about.

Everyone has different types of fear in life. One might have no fear towards certain things, but will have fear towards some other things in life. Somebody who has no fear of jumping off an airplane, might have fear towards certain responsibilities and commitments in life. Somebody who has no fear towards responsibilities and commitments in life, might have fear towards some tiny insects. Somebody who has no fear towards all kinds of insects, might have fear of losing something that they love very much, and so on.

Nobody can challenge another person for anything when one has not completely be free from fear yet. The one who has conquered fear and is completely fearless out of being free from egoism and ignorance, will not try to challenge anyone, not even themselves, to be doing anything that they have no intention to do. The one who is free from egoism won't be disturbed by any challenge as 'challenge' doesn't exist in them, even if others try to challenge them for something out of egoism and ignorance.

Just like nobody can judge or criticize another when one is not perfect yet. And those who are perfect will not be judging or criticizing anyone and anything, nor will they be affected or determined by any judgments or criticism from others. Judgment and criticism doesn't exists in those who are free from egoism and ignorance.

To challenge others and be challenged by others is part of the play of the ego. This game of to challenge and be challenged only exists in those who are not free from egoism yet.

Reflect, contemplate, and realize the truth of our true nature, and be free from egoism and ignorance, and realize fearlessness.

Fearlessness is not about challenging other beings to be fearless towards certain things in life. It is being fearless to recognize, to acknowledge and to accept the truth of the ignorance in our impure mind and the selfish egoism is the root cause of all afflictions and suffering that arise in oneself, and to be fearless to let go of the ego, the worldly identity or self-image, to be fearless to let go of identification with the body and mind and all the qualities of names and forms that are possessed by the body and mind, to be fearless to let go of all sorts of attachments, to be fearless to be living in the present moment without worrying about the future, to be fearless to accept and love ourselves and other beings as we are, without discrimination, superiority or inferiority, judgment, comparison and expectation.

Om shanti.

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