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Saturday, October 17, 2015



In theory, everyone wants freedom

It must be a good thing then

In practical, it's a bit complicated

It's not that freedom is not good

But impure minds like to complicate everything

Restrictions are being applied onto freedom

Based on what the impure minds believe how things should be like

Who and what deserve the freedom to be what they are


Who and what don't deserve the freedom to be what they are

Based on personal cultural and religious practice

Based on limited worldly thinking and beliefs

Based on what the minds think and believe

What is good and bad

What is should and shouldn't

Everyone wants freedom

Yes, but only limit to themselves

For what they like and want

For what they agree with

All minds fight for the freedom that they want,


For others whom they dislike and disagree with

They don't want others to have the freedom

To be what they are

To think what they want to think

To say what they want to say

To behave the way that they behave

Just because the minds dislike and disagree with

What others think, say and behave

These minds think that themselves deserve the freedom

To be what they want to be


Others who are different from them

They don't deserve the freedom

To be what they are

It's all ignorance and egoism

Freedom is not being free to think, to say, to behave

According to the egoistic desires of wants and don't wants

Likes and dislikes

Agreements and disagreements

Based on what the minds think and believe

What is good and bad, should and shouldn't

Some struggle

Some confuse

Is freedom good or bad

Some believe it's good

Some believe it's bad

Some believe it has both good and bad

Pure minds see things as they are

Like everything else

Freedom is neither good nor bad

Real freedom is being free from impurities

Being free from ignorance and egoism

Being free from attachment and identifications with qualities of names and forms

Being free from being conditioned by the limited worldly thinking and beliefs

If one's mind is free from impurities derived from ignorance and egoism

Freedom doesn't exist

There's no need freedom

There's no desire to be free

As one is free as it is

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